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San Francisco, CA — If the average citizen were to run a red light and plow into two bicyclists, rest assured that this person would, at the very least, be given a wide range of citations and possibly face arrest and jail time. But police officers aren't average citizens and they instead belong to a club that grants them special privilege, protection from scrutiny, and apparently, the ability to plow down two bicyclists and escape immediate accountability.

Earlier this month, a yet to be identified San Francisco police officer blew through a red light and plowed into two bicyclists. The officer did not have on his lights, nor did he turn on his siren.

Luckily, both of the bicyclists lived, however, one of them was hospitalized.

This week, video and audio footage was released proving that the officer did not have on his sirens and lights and that the officer ran a red light. Yet nothing is being done.

Police haven't responded to any questions in regard to the incident or what led up to the officer running the light and crashing into the two bicyclists. The only thing that was released, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, was a statement from Adam Lobsinger, a spokesman for the department, who said the cyclists struck the driver’s side of the patrol vehicle.

Claiming that the bicyclists were the ones who "struck the driver's side of the patrol vehicle," is a blatant lie. When you watch the video below, you can clearly see the officer run the red light and strike them.

When San Francisco Supervisor Gordon Mar, who represents the Sunset neighborhood and surrounding areas, watched the video, he had no problem expressing his concern.

“That is very concerning,” he said. “I do think it’s really important that the investigation is completed in a timely way and there’s a full reporting of the findings.”

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When watching the video, it is amazing that they survived as the officer appeared to be driving very fast and the bicyclists were completely blindsided.

Ross McKissick is an attorney representing one of the victims, a 44-year-old man who had to be hospitalized, and he is unable to find out any information as well.

“All we know is that the cop ran the red light, hit my client and caused severe injury,” he said.

It has been nearly two weeks since the incident and the only word from the department is that they are "investigating it."

Had the person who ran the read light not been a cop, rest assured that the investigation would have taken place on the spot. A breathalyzer test would have been issued and the red light runner immediately interviewed and likely charged or arrested.

In fact, when traffic accidents, such as this one, result in serious injury, the investigation is supposed to be turned over to the district attorney's office. However, according to District Attorney Chesa Boudin. the police department hasn't even notified his office that there was a crash.

“Ordinarily when a traffic collision results in great bodily injury or death, the case gets presented to my office in a matter of days for consideration of possible criminal charge,” he said.

Clearly, that has not happened and the cop is enjoying what we like to refer to as "blue privilege." This is why there is so much animosity toward police in the United States. One cannot claim to enforce a law, while at the same time acting above that law.