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Wyckoff, NJ-- Township police released dispatch audio from the moments before Officer Kyle Ferreira arrived at the wrong home and shot Otto, a German shepherd. The audio reveals that the officer was informed that the burglary he was investigating was not in progress- and had actually happened several days before.

The officer was dispatched to 621 Lawlins Rd, but was not corrected when he replied with "622, received" and went to the house across the street. The department claims that the officer knocked on the door, but had he knocked- the family says he would have been aware of the dog inside. Instead, the officer trespassed into the family's backyard and saw a window which had been left open so that Otto could go outside, as nobody was home at the time of the incident.

The officer claims that the window being open fit the scenario of a break-in, which he claimed to believe he was investigating. However, in the dispatch audio we can plainly hear the dispatcher being asked when the burglary took place, to which they replied- "According to the desk, quite a while in the past. Like, days."

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As the officer crept up to the house, the dog came out the window, and allegedly bit the officers boot. That is when Officer Ferreira fired four shots at the beloved family pet, hitting him with bullets twice.

"He has every right to be prepared to defend himself," Chief Benjamin Fox told prior to them obtaining the dispatch audio. "Is a burglary suspect going to come out of that window?"

The department, which previously was quick to defend the officer has since been denying to comment on the situation since this audio went public, citing an on-going investigation.

When police kill your pet after going to the wrong home, it's a tragic accident, or mistake. It's a sick world when a profession that loves to proclaim they are "protectors of the public" cannot, and will not, own up to their wrongdoing.