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Donald Flores was the victim of a hit and run, bloody and hurt, he was in need of help. But when Sgt. Schultz of the Blue Island PD showed up, he got anything but.

Flores began walking back to his house after the accident, "I just wanted to go home to basically die, where I felt more at peace."

According to Flores, he first encountered two cops that did the right thing, but next he came across, Sgt. Schultz.

"Are you out of your effin' mind? You're bleeding.'"

Stunned, Flores says he yelled back and then it escalated. When the sergeant threatened to use a stun gun on him, Flores said he implored him not to because he has an electronic spinal device to treat a previous injury to his hand.

When the stun gun was used, Flores says it caused a seizure. "When I was seizing they told me, 'Stop it. Quit resisting,'" he says.

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The attorney for Blue Island, Patrick Ward, tells a different story. He says Flores was the aggressor and shoved the sergeant with two hands, causing him to stumble backward.

He says Flores didn't tell officers about the electronic device until after the stun gun was used.

"Their actions were justified," Ward says.

Of course tasering an innocent man, whose just been in an accident and is covered in blood, is "justified"....if you're the police.

Flores was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, assault and battery.

All charges have since been dropped and he is now suing the Blue Island Police.

Something has to be done here, all too often the tax payers are the ones held accountable for the negligence of police. Nothing will ever change as long as the incompetent state can defer its liability to the citizens of the tax farm.