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"I'm only going to take their side of the story, because I'm not gonna have you record me."

July 1, 2014

A video was recently posted to youtube which shows a brutally honest interaction between a man recording an encounter and a Simi Valley Police Officer.

The incident began when the man who is recording, was getting out of his car in a parking lot.

His door hit the car next to him which ended up in the occupants of that car calling the police, according to the videographer.

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He says he began filming because the person on the phone with the police "was lying" about the incident.

What actually transpired between these two individuals is largely irrelevant. However, what happened when the cop shows up is despicable.

The cop becomes agitated that the man is recording the incident and basically tells him that he doesn't get a fair investigation because he doesn't want to be filmed.

Below is the video of this tax payer funded derelict. If you know your rights and try to practice them, you get the short end of the stick, according to this cop.