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Cop: “What's this right here?” --- Man: “That is my penis.”

Stop and frisk is defined by Cornell University Law School as a brief, non-intrusive, police stop of a suspect.

However, there are far too many examples of these supposed 'non-intrusive' tactics going too far.

Also, the Fourth Amendment requires that the police have a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been, is being, or is about to be committed before stopping a suspect. If the police reasonably suspect the person is armed and dangerous, they may conduct a frisk, a quick pat-down of the person’s outer clothing. See Terry v Ohio, 392 US 1, (1967).

Earlier this year Darrin Manning, 16, of Philadelphia had his testicles, literally destroyed by a Philly cop.

Darrin was a straight A student on his way home from school when an officer cuffed him and began “frisking” him. He grabbed hold of Darrin’s genitals so hard, pulled and twisted, that the teen’s genitals physically tore off.


In Miami Gardens police records show the horrid reality of their stop and frisk policies.

In the summer of 2010, a young black man was stopped and questioned by police on the streets of Miami Gardens, Florida. According to the report filled out by the officer, he was “wearing gray sweatpants, a red hoodie and black gloves” giving the police “just cause” to question him. In the report, he was labeled a “suspicious person.”

He was an 11-year-old boy on his way to football practice.

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An independent investigation showed that over half of the Miami Gardens 110K population had been stopped and frisked between 2008-2013!

These tactics are an absolute mockery of freedom and the individual's right to be secure in his or her person and property.

The video below shows just one example of the ridiculousness of the stop and frisk tactics.

Here we have a young black male being stopped and frisked when the detaining officer proceeds to grab the man's penis. While the video is somewhat dated, it epitomizes the state of affairs in the US today.

Cop: “What's this right here?”

Man: “That is my penis.”

Cop: “That's your penis, alright, sorry about that.”