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"Do you genuinely hate police or are you an anarchist?"

The Free Thought Project

July 26, 2014


A couple was driving home from Vancouver on the 3rd of July when they were stopped by police for a headlight being out.

Two police officers were involved in the stop, a nice cop and a cop with the attitude of a spoiled toddler.

As the 'nice' officer takes the driver's insurance and and license to write a citation for the headlight, the cop on the passenger side says, "Miss I'm not stopping you but do you mind if I see your ID?"

The woman is confused as to why the cop would need to see her ID, so she doesn't show him.

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The driver states that he shouldn't be asking the passenger for ID, to which the cop replies, "I can ask her anything I want."

Bad cop then becomes sarcastic and asks the couple if they are "attorneys in training or anarchists."

When spoiled toddler cop realizes that these two people know their rights he becomes flustered and throws a little cop temper tantrum.

He claims the couple has an "attitude." Then he says their behavior is "not typical," to which the woman replies, "what behavior?"

As if refusing to have your rights violated is some how having an "attitude" and that knowing your rights is "not typical."

At this point the toddler cop's head nearly explodes as this is obviously one of the first times he's ever had to deal with people who wouldn't just roll over and lick his boots. "Alright then smart one!" he mutters as he walks off.

Cheers to this couple for refusing to submit to this ridiculousness.