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Houston, TX -- On April 1st, Julian Carmona pulled up to a Houston gas station to use the bathroom. In under a minute, however, he would be face down in the parking lot, looking up at the barrel of a police issued 9mm, arrested and charged aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a Houston police officer.

According to Officer William Wright, Carmona "got out of the car holding a gun and pointed it directly at him, then dropped it, picked it up and pointed it again." Wright then claimed that he 'feared for his life' and drew his own gun.

Wright made the arrest, and the citizens of Houston were saved by this heroic cop from a dangerous gun-toting gangster who tried to kill him. At least that's the version of the story Wright told.

However, thanks to the surveillance camera attached to the front of the convenience store, Wright has just been exposed as a bold-faced liar.

“There are two sides to every story, and in this case,” Carmona’s attorney Jed Silverman says, "it's night and day."

What actually happened was entirely the opposite of Wright's 'official' account.

As Carmona, a licensed concealed carry permit holder, hurriedly pulled into the gas station parking lot to use the bathroom, he accidentally knocked his gun loose, causing it to fall on the ground -- an honest, and completely legal mistake.

"I don't know if I hit it when I opened the door, or hit it with my foot—everything just happened so fast," said Carmona.

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After Carmona picked it up and put it back into his truck, the heroic Wright pulled his gun to save the day.

"I said, ‘Sir, I never pointed a gun at you. I promise, I never pointed a gun, check the videos," Carmona said.

But this officer did not care about facts; he was set on his delusion of seeing a gun pointed at him. Amazingly enough, if he actually did perceive a gun pointed at him, he didn't immediately begin firing.

"I put my hands up like, ‘Sir,’ I apologized right away,” Carmona said. “’Sir, I apologize,’ because the first thing that comes to my mind, I dropped a gun in front of an officer, without even knowing."

From inside Carmona's truck, his children watched in horror as their dad was being assaulted with a deadly weapon by someone who's supposed to protect them.

"He comes behind me, he starts handcuffing me, and my son comes out of the truck. That was the last thing I wanted," Carmona said.

Now Carmona is facing jail time for a crime he clearly did not commit -- all because an easily frightened, and delusional officer saw something that did not happen.

Also caught on surveillance video, just prior to Wright nearly killing an innocent man, was this cop purchasing booze in uniform inside the store -- a violation of the department policy. The Free Thought Project called the HPD to inquire about Wright's standing, and we were told that they are investigating the matter.

What the video below shows is that a cop needs no evidence of a crime to deprive someone of their rights and charge them. Had this surveillance video never existed, Carmona could have been killed by this officer, and no one would have batted an eye.