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Ryan Scott was arrested at his home Monday evening by Dekalb County Sheriff’s officers.

Scott is being charged with obstructing a peace officer during a traffic stop on Saturday night, which was initiated by Officer A. Becker because Scott had expired registration on his vehicle.

The warrant states that Scott “knowingly obstructed the performance of Deputy A. Becker of an act within his official capacity.” The warrant goes on to claim, “[Scott] repeatedly refused and failed to comply with lawful orders to exit his vehicle.”

During the traffic stop, Becker became agitated and attempted to escalate the situation because, according to Becker, the window was not down far enough when he began to slip the ticket and clipboard into Scott’s hand. Scott immediately asked for a supervisor.

However, there was no supervisor called to the scene.

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Scott merely exclaimed that the window was opened enough for the officer to give the clipboard and that there was no cause to ask him to remove himself from the vehicle. Meanwhile, he is still waiting for a supervisor to be called to the scene, as he requested.

After several minutes, Becker finally decides to hand the clipboard to Scott, showing that indeed there was enough space to hand Scott the ticket and clipboard; this means that there was no reason to request Scott to exit the vehicle in the first place.

The facts are clear: there was no obstruction.

Scott did not knowingly obstruct the officer in any capacity. The ticket was signed, and there was absolutely no cause for Scott to be removed from the vehicle.

So, why were there two officers serving an arrest warrant on Scott two days later? Why is Scott being targeted?

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