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Orange County, CA — Walking across the street in a manner not fit for the police state can often end in serious injury or death — not necessarily because of a car running you over either. The enforcement of jaywalking laws in this country have gone to the extreme and a new video of two Orange County sheriff’s deputies killing a man for crossing the street in a way they did not approve, illustrates this perfectly.

On September 23, Kurt Andras Reinhold, 42, had committed no crime, had harmed no one, and was merely attempting to get to the other side of the road when two Orange county deputies targeted him for extortion. Because law enforcement's only tool is the escalation of force — which is escalated to deadly levels to enforce entirely arbitrary dictates designed to extract revenue from citizens — Reinhold would never make it across the street that day.

Though the incident happened last September, police only just released the videos of it this week. It is a combination of dash camera, cellphone, and surveillance footage and it is nothing short of infuriating. What is also notable is that despite the fact the officers were wearing body cameras, none of that footage was released.

According to the department, the two deputies involved, an 8 and 13-year veteran, are full-time homeless liaison officers in San Clemente. The department says their duties involve assisting those living on the streets and helping them access resources and services. However, as you watch the video below, "helping and assisting" is the absolute last thing you would ever describe their actions as.

As the video shows, the deputies roll up to Reinhold, anticipating that he was about to cross the street.

“Watch this, he’s going to jaywalk,” one of the cops says as they discuss harassing Reinhold.

The deputies then debate whether he’s jaywalking, with the other deputy saying, “Don’t make case law, Gabriel.”

Clearly, one deputy was trying to talk the other out of harassing a completely innocent man for crossing the street. But "Gabriel" seemed hell bent on harassing and eventually killing the man.

Clearly confident that he had done absolutely nothing wrong — which he had not — Reinhold walks away from the deputies after they pulled up and exited their cruiser.

“Are you going to stop or are we going to have to make you stop?” the tyrant, whose job consists of escalating force to deadly conditions to stop people from incorrectly crossing the street.

“For what?” Reinhold responds, clearly oblivious as to why the cops stopped him.

“For jaywalking,” the officer answers.

“What are you talking about? I’m walking,” Reinhold says, completely surprised that he is being targeted for trying to get from one side of the street to the other.

Remember, Reinhold had harmed no one, nobody was in harm's way, no one was threatened, and all he wanted to do was cross the street. But these deputies were not having it. Instead of letting the man cross the street, they escalated force, eventually throwing Reinhold to the ground, where a struggle ensued as Reinhold attempted to defend himself against his aggressors.

During the struggle, one of the deputies shouts, “He’s got my gun,” according to the Sheriff’s Department.

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Seconds later, two shots are heard, one about seven seconds after the other.

When the shooting originally happened, investigators released a still image from the surveillance camera which appears to show Reinhold's hand near the officer's weapon. Though his hand appears close to the weapon, police never claimed that he was able to get the officer's weapon.

According to police, the investigation is still underway.

FOX 59 reports Reinhold’s family, who filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the case in December, released a statement through their lawyers Wednesday saying the new video “confirms what we knew all along – the involved deputies had no reason to stop Mr. Reinhold.”

“The OC Sheriffs Homeless Liaison Officers use pretext reasons to stop anyone for any reason they want, simply to harass the person,” attorney John C. Taylor wrote. “These officers created and escalated the confrontation with Kurt Reinhold causing his death.”

We agree.

As TFTP has reported, police holsters are designed to prevent anyone but the officer from removing the weapon.

As the assassination attempt on Donald Trump proved in 2016, it is virtually impossible to take a cop's gun.

The reason a police officer's weapon is so hard to take is due to the multiple safety checks built into the holsters. It appears from the video that the type of holster that this officer was wearing, and that the majority of police officers wear, is a Dual Retention Hooded Holster, with optional hood guard.

The "hood" of the holster, or the strap that holds the weapon in the hard plastic holster, must be pushed down from a particular angle and then pushed forward, prior to exposing the back of the weapon.

During a struggle, it is possible that the hood could be pulled down, exposing the back of the gun. However, there is yet another line of defense. The hood guard adds another entirely new level of pistol retention as it is specially designed to prevent an assailant from pushing down the hood.

Even if the hood guard was removed and the hood was pushed back, there is yet another fail safe. The third line of retention in this holster does not allow for the pistol to be removed, nor the slide pulled back, without knowing exactly how to lift it out of the holster.

These holsters usually have a tension screw in place that allows for its users to set the desired level of friction needed to remove the pistol. However, if someone tries to pull the pistol out of the holster in any direction other than the officer's set preference, the slide will not rack, nor will the pistol come out.

Knowing the function of police holsters and the multiple lines of retention built into them, the claim of "he went for my gun," seems more like a reason to justify deadly force after the fact than a reason for actually needing deadly force.