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April 3, 2014

Ron Martin was standing in the median along Eldorado Parkway at Ranchview Lane with a homemade sign warning motorists about police ahead. Naturally he was arrested and charged.

However, the city had no idea what to charge him with because there was no law saying he couldn't do what he was doing. Last month a municipal court judge dismissed the misdemeanor charge, saying it wasn’t clear what the offense was.

These tyrants were going to have to make sure that no one was able to hinder their revenue stream again. Naturally, they passed a law making it illegal to be in the median.

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According to Dallas News, the city has adopted a new ordinance barring anyone from being in the median of a divided road except in certain cases. The City Council unanimously approved at its meeting Tuesday.

The ordinance bans people from “stopping, standing, walking, running and/or otherwise entering in and/or upon a median.” There are exceptions. Utilities and cleanup crews would be allowed. And people would be allowed to stop in the median in an emergency or while waiting for traffic to clear before crossing the street.

But standing in the median would not be allowed. Joggers and dog walkers also would be banned from using the medians. The ordinance states that the new regulations will help avoid traffic hazards and distractions to motorists as well as “alleviate possible nuisances to pedestrians, motorists and other persons using public right-of-way.”

Leave it to the bureaucrats to create a new law to try and solve a problem regardless of the infringing implications for personal freedom. Apparently freedom of speech and public property were not issues for the council members.

Who wants to make a bet that in the near future, we see an old lady tackled, tazed or possibly run over with a cruiser, for trying to cross the street and stopping in the median?