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"All three of them started beating me on the head, it was unbelievable, I couldn't believe it was happening to me."

The Free Thought Project

Mike Sawyer

July 25, 2014

roger carlos

Roger Carlos was taking pictures of a building in the 10600 block of Westover Hills Boulevard in San Antonio, TX, when his life changed forever.

Carlos was photographing a building of what was soon to be home to his wife's medical practice when all of the sudden he was ransacked by an undercover drug task force officer and two SAPD SWAT members.

The officers were looking for Josue Gonzalez, who fled from police after they tried to arrest him for possessing a controlled substance.


Gonzalez had ditched his car in the parking lot of a restaurant that happened to be a few hundred feet from where this father of three was excitedly taking pictures of his wife's new venture.

Officers approached Carlos and before he could comply with their demands, they began to pummel him, striking him over 50 times.

"All three of them started beating me on the head," said Carlos, "It was unbelievable. I couldn't believe it was happening to me."

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Bleeding and in handcuffs he wasn't released until a fourth officer approached and said that the suspect was in custody nearby.

Carlos meanwhile, was hospitalized after the beating. He was treated for a large gash above his eye and a broken tooth.

Swelling of his head was so severe, doctors performed a CT scan of Carlos' head as well.


"I could understand taking somebody down hard. I can understand the need for that and securing them, but that's not what happened. I got on the ground, I was no threat to anybody, I was fully compliant," said Carlos, who has no criminal history.

The three officers who beat him, claim that Carlos had his hands underneath his body during the beating.

When KENS 5 news interviewed SAPD police chief William McManus, he stated that "Clearly it was a case of mistaken identity. From the report that I've read, from the photo that I saw and from your description, I've not seen anything at this point that would indicate to me that anything out of order happened."

Just to recap, the chief of police thinks that an innocent man being beaten to the point of hospitalization by incompetent police officers mistaking him for another man, indicates that nothing "out of order happened."

And this is the scenario that so many American citizens find themselves in today; an unapologetic brutal gang of uniformed thugs operating with almost zero accountability, laying waste to those who they've sworn to protect.

Carlos has filed a complaint against these officers with the FBI. We won't be holding our breathe for the results of that investigation.

One thing is for certain, if any civil suit is brought forth, the monetary consequences from the negligent behavior of these cops will passed on to the tax-payer.