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Inglewood, CA — Christopher Bailey has no criminal record and has never been in trouble with police before. However, when he was on his way home from work last May, he was targeted by police and beaten nearly to death. Now, he is trying to hold the 7 Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies accountable for almost killing him during a traffic stop.

Bailey is now suing the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department after his interaction with them left him deformed and blind.

"He sustained 64 to 86 total body and face hits. He was pummeled in the face approximately 35 to 44 times," Toni Jaramilla, Baily's attorney told reporters at a press conference this week.

According to Bailey's lawsuit, he was on his way home from his night shift at the Post Office in May of 2020 when cops claimed he drove over a line in the street so they targeted him for revenue collection. Bailey says he did everything the police asked him to do but they beat the hell out of him anyway.

Police claim Bailey resisted and charged him with felony resisting in an attempt to justify the beating. However, according to the lawsuit, they didn't have enough evidence for the charges to stick, so they were all dropped.

During the stop police began repeatedly punching Bailey in the face dozens of times to the point that Bailey thought they were going to kill him.

Two deputies allegedly pulled Bailey out of his car “and, without warning, proceeded to assault and batter” him, punching Bailey multiple times in the face and using a chokehold, according to the lawsuit.

As these two deputies beat him, four other deputies arrived on the scene and began punching Bailey’s face, abdomen and back, kicking him while he lay on the ground and repeatedly shocking him with a stun gun, according to the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the beating lasted for several minutes.

"I was screaming out (that) I wanted to live. I really feared for my life, I thought I was going to die," Bailey recalled.

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According to Jaramilla, police beat Bailey's face so brutally, it blinded him in his left eye and doctors said "the punches to his eye were so severe that it dislodged the eyeball slightly."

"Mr. Bailey recalls that he heard deputies say 'Pull his pants down' and he could feel tugging in his pants, and he was Tasered in the lower abdomen near his groin area," Jaramilla said.

The savage gang of badged thugs beat Bailey so violently that they also knocked out his teeth and shattered multiple bones in his face. Over the last year, Bailey has undergone multiple surgeries to put his face back together.

When the lawsuit was announced, video of the aftermath of the beating was released. It showed a bloody and semi-conscious Bailey whose face was so swollen he was unrecognizable.

"He doesn't even look human," someone can be heard saying in the video as Bailey is loaded onto a gurney, unable to see through his swollen eyes.

“It wasn’t justified and I want justice — to hold them accountable for what they did to me,” Bailey said, noting that he wants the cops who beat him criminally charged.

Naturally, the sheriff's department is choosing to remain silent and only released a canned statement about their use of force.

“All use-of-force incidents which result in injury are unfortunate,” the statement said. “Due to this pending litigation and under advice of counsel, we are unable to offer further details at this time.”

"This was just a beatdown. This was a gang-like beatdown of a black citizen," Jaramilla said.