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A terrible story of police corruption was brought to the attention of The Free Thought Project Tuesday. It involves a 21-year-old man and three Eugene, Oregon police officers.


According to the description from The Brewery District the man was on his way to work when he was allegedly attacked by EPD officers.

This morning at 5:15 am, my boyfriend’s son was walking to his job as a baker. Suddenly, three EPD officers came out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground, handcuffing him, mashed up his face, twisted his hand, and injured his foot. He was completely taken off guard.

He asked WHY they were doing this to him, and they wouldn’t reply. He offered to take a breathalyzer thinking maybe they thought he was intoxicated, they refused. He asked if the incident was being recorded, they replied that all three of their cameras were “broken”.

Finally a sergeant pulls up, tells the officers to uncuff him and send him on his way without citation. Needless to say, we are FURIOUS. This is a young, responsible man with NO record, WALKING TO WORK, sober.

After attacking him and releasing him, he went to work, but his hand was hurting too much to bake, not to mention he was very shaken up so his boss sent him home.

This is not the first time the EPD has done this to people. They won’t arrive to take a report when someone has been raped (yes, this happened to an older, disabled woman in my neighborhood), yet they harass innocent citizens and the homeless on a constant. I’m disgusted and we want answers, now. The sergeant gave him his card, and my boyfriend just called to get more information.

EPD. Protecting and serving the shit outta you.

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Sadly, it will be this man's word against three police officers, who likely have no record of the incident. This type of behavior by police is unacceptable. When the ones tasked with protecting and serving become the ones society fears. something has gone terribly wrong.