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Queensland, AU-- A video showing police violently manhandling a man with no legs and the 18 year old woman accompanying him has been causing outrage on social media since being posted on November 14th.

The video was recorded in the food court of Sunnybank Plaza, and begins with the attack already under way. Three officers are seen wrestling with the pair on the ground, then throwing the young woman into a table.

The brutal scene continues with the police slamming the disabled man's head into the ground and punching him several times as witnesses shout in horror, before they are eventually handcuffed and arrested.

The police allege that the pair had stole 12 bottles of wine from a bottle shop in the plaza and ran when police engaged them.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman also told Courier Mail that the officers had received injuries during struggle.

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“An officer was punched, another officer sustained a hand, back and neck injury.

“It is alleged the female tried to bite an officer, another officer had an injured left hand and the other officers sustained minor injuries.”

The 18-year-old woman has been charged with one count of entering premises with intent, stealing, one count of serious assault on police and one count of obstructing police. The 20-year-old man faces the same charges, with one additional charge of serious assault on police.

While resisting arrest is generally not a wise idea, police assaulting the disabled is a far too common occurrence.

In July we reported on a paraplegic man who was thrown from his motorized scooter after the officer alleged the man ran over his foot.

Just days before, the story of a 17 year old wheel chair bound student with Cerebral Palsy being viciously beaten by school security for not getting to class on time made headlines.

Earlier this year a cop who beat yet another wheel chair bound man was found not guilty on all charges, despite the chilling video of him pummeling the man's paralyzed body.

When police are permitted to abuse with impunity, there seems to be no limits on the depravity.