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May 9, 2014

In a heartfelt public relations campaign Cleveland PD reached out to the community this week.

What exactly did their campaign entail? Well they set out on a mission to rid the neighborhood of a problem causing basketball hoop.

The hoop had been assaulting children for years by denying their dunks and Kareem Abdul Jabbar-style sky hooks. So Cleveland PD showed up and arrested that troublesome basketball goal.

In the photo below we can see several officers in a struggle to restrain the goal. The one officer could be heard yelling at the goal, "Stop Resisting!" while others beat it with their batons, but this goal was a beast!


Several gallons of pepper spray later, and after hooking their tasers into the local power lines, their heroism finally prevailed.

They carted off the goal downtown as bystanders cheered on the sidelines.


And by 'cheered' we mean even kids were thinking to themselves, "WTF?!"

We here at the Free Thought Project sometimes have to resort to sarcasm in order to deal with the sheer asininity of some law enforcement actions and the previous few paragraphs were obviously that.

However, this is not an article out of The Onion, it is not some satire, or misconstrued photos.

The Cleveland Police Department actually confiscated a basketball goal and ticketed the owner for having it.

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According to Toledo News Now, as a kind gesture a woman, Cheri Fiorilli, had bought the goal for her neighbors for helping her out.

But in Cleveland it happens to be illegal to play basketball in the street.

So here come Cleveland's finest to save the day!

Cell phone video shows she asked if there could be a warning. An officer answered, "There's nothing I can do."

She offered to move it immediately, and she was told there's no leeway.

Fiorilli and the kids were left stunned, and video shows an officer grew impatient with her.

"I need to see your driver's license again. If not, I have to arrest you for refusing to comply," said the officer.

Fiorilli got a ticket as well, since she declared herself the owner.

It would not have been surprising to see this poor woman be tasered by these jackboots.

Do police not even care anymore about public relations? Or, in this case, do they not even care about looking like complete tyrant morons who would confiscate a basketball goal from children to enforce some bureaucratic 'red tape' law?

Apparently some cops will enforce any law, no matter how arbitrary or ridiculous. Ready to move on yet America?