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New York, NY -- A lawsuit has been brought against two New York City cops claiming they exploited a mentally challenged woman for their own disgusting buffoonery.

According to the complaint, Hannah Biggan – a janitor working at the 52nd Precinct station in the Bronx for 23 years – claimed that in May 2013 officers Nicholas Konner and John Repetti gave her a size 3XL t-shirt with "I'm Dope @cashcowmovement" written on it.

They then asked her to put it on and pose with Konner, while both men cruelly mocked her and snapped photos, the complaint says.

"She had no idea what it said or what it meant," Biggan's lawyer Alexander Coleman told PEOPLE.

This poor woman had no idea that she was being made fun of by these bullies with badges as she cannot read. Not until she got home and explained the incident to her sister did she understand what happened to her.

“When I got home, my sister Maryann told me what it said . . . And I got really depressed and ­angry at them for doing that to me because I’ve never done anything bad to them,” Biggan said in a deposition obtained by the NY Post.

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Her sister then reported the incident to Biggan's supervisor.

"This is a sweet woman who never harmed anyone and who just went to work and did her job," says Coleman.

According to the suit, Konner claimed to have gotten the shirt from rapper Justin Ross a.k.a. Cash Cow who tells PEOPLE, "It is a shame that people in authority would behave this way."

The alleged actions of these officers caused great suffering on the part of Biggan. After she had learned of the officers' true intentions, Biggan became depressed and suicidal. Biggan spent eight days in the psychiatric ward of a hospital and missed work for that entire time. “I wanted to hurt myself. I did think of ways to do it, like, get hit by a car,’’ Biggan recalled. All too often, police officers who claim to "protect and serve" end up being the biggest bullies out there. Biggan's mistreatment is a prime example. Rapper Cash Cow says he was so outraged that cops forced a mentally disabled janitor at a Bronx precinct house to wear his signature T-shirt that he’ll hold a fund-raiser in her honor.

Gotta Call From #PeopleMagazine yesterday. They decided to cover the spread on the I'm Dope Shirt Lawsuit. Not...

— Ca$h Cow (@CashCowMovement) March 8, 2015

" target="_blank">Cash Cow, who's known for rapping about police injustices, promised Friday, “We are definitely going to do something — have a karaoke night or something.’’