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Houston, TX — We cringe when we see videos of cops shooting people through their windshields and windows. But we especially shiver when cops taser people from a moving vehicle because we have reported in the past how such actions lead can lead to the death of children and jail sentences for unscrupulous cops. Former officers Kenneth Elmore and John McCaffery are two cops who received a year in jail each for their sadistic and dishonest acts.

Authorities said officers Kenneth Elmore and John McCaffery wrongfully used a stun gun to shock Kedrick Kizzie, charged Kizzie with a crime he didn't commit and then lied to cover up their illegal conduct. The entire incident was recorded on video, but Elmore and McCaffery lied to the district attorney's office, and also on the arrest, incident and use of force reports.

“They attacked [the man], charged him with a crime he didn’t commit, and lied to cover it up,” Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said in a statement after the officers were sentenced. “These defendants disregarded their oaths to protect, to serve and to tell the truth.”

According to KHOU, the prosecutor said the one-year sentence was symbolic because that's what Kizzie would have received if convicted for the crime he didn't commit.

The truth, as seen in the body camera footage, was much sicker than the officers' whitewashed police reports. Elmore and McCaffery responded to a domestic disturbance call on July 29, 2017 where Kizzie was visiting his family.

After entering the home and forcing Kizzie to leave, the officers then gave the 20-year-old black man the chance to walk away from the home, down the street, a free man. But the sicko cops had other plans. The two men turned to each other and one asked the other, "Drive-by taser?"

“Yeah, I’m not gonna chase him on foot, I don’t need to chase him. My car will chase him though,” another officer replied. “He’s pissing me off now.”

The question was so nonchalant it gave many observers the impression the pair of cops had done drive-by tasering many times before. Kizzie, thinking he was a free man and would not be arrested, did what the officers told him to do and that was to leave. But when he saw the officers in their cruisers following him, he believed with reason the cops were up to no good and were actually going to kill him. He ran.

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Running was just what Elmore and McCaffery wanted him to do. They pursued him in their squad cars. We at TFTP do not like to race bait, and we truly are not anti-cop, but pro-accountability. However, while we were writing this story we could not help but get a visual image of slave owners chasing down fleeing slaves. Two white men with guns were riding in their gas powered horses, chasing down a fleeing, shirtless, black man through the streets of Texas. The optics were that disturbing to us.

Fortunately, Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said he saw right through the optics and could tell he had a couple of bad cops he had to prosecute. "I'm the son of a police officer. I know a good police officer when I see them. But I also know a bad police officer when I see them," he told reporters last year. Equally disturbing to some who viewed the video was the way McCaffery spoke to Kizzie after running him down like a gazelle and tasering him from a moving squad car.

"Run your mouth now bitch! Now what are you going to say? Who caught you? Whose prongs are in your f**king back? Who caught you bitch running your f**king mouth!" the public servant said.

Ligon said it wasn't the profanity which got the two officers arrested and convicted of felonies. It was lying on their police report, specifically, about stating the officers had given Kizzie multiple opportunities to comply with officer commands. In fact, no such accommodation was afforded to the young man. Instead, he was cajoled to run, then tasered, then taunted for running.

Before the chase McCaffery told Kizzie, "Nobody's going to chase you! We want you to leave."

That, too, was a lie. In fact, the plan was the opposite. They wanted him to run, and they were going to chase him and taser him when he did.

A Montgomery County jury agreed, convicting the two officers for felonious lying on their police reports and sentencing them to prison.

They can no longer be peace officers ever again. We salute DA Ligon for doing his job and defending the public against tyrant sociopath and, yes, racist police officers. We only wish more DA's were less concerned about getting reelected and fearful of the police officers' union than they are about keeping the public safe.