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Pflugerville, TX -- Tori Thayer was asleep on the night of August 2 when four armed men forced their way into her home and assaulted her. The assailants, who were looking for Thayer's roommate, were all members of the same gang, the Travis County Sheriff's Department.

"I was ready to run for my life and throw something at them," Thayer recounted after hearing four strange men break into her home in at 3:00 am.

After breaking into the innocent woman's home, deputies then demanded that Thayer tell them where her roommate was, to which she replied that she had no idea.

Frightened but assertive, Thayer kept her wits enough to pull out her phone and began to record the home invasion. What she captured on video was nothing short of infuriating and a ridiculous violation of her civil rights.

For demanding the cops end their warrantless assault on her person and property, the deputies proceeded to attack Thayer. She was slammed to the ground and handcuffed -- for her own safety of course.

"And another officer got behind me and put his knee into my back and thrust me to the ground while one stayed on my chest the entire time and handcuffed me,” recalled Thayer.

Deputies continued searching her home without her consent.

"I was dumbfounded, honestly I'd never imagine something like this happening to me, I hear it on the news see on my newsfeed ... but you never think about it happening to you,” said Thayer.

Eventually, Thayer would be allowed back up but the harassment and intimidation would not stop. Deputies claimed they received a call from the family of her roommate, Carly Christine. They had broken into this innocent woman's home at 3:00 am to check on the welfare of Christine. Christine happened to be fine. However, the only one who needed help was Thayer, who was being attacked by four armed thugs.

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At one point, the officers demanded the Thayer find out where Christine was, as if she was required to do the job of these officers.

As the barrage of questions continued, Thayer maintains that she has no idea where Christine is, but officers acted as if she wasn't even talking.

"They acted as if I wasn't even talking," explained Thayer. "They kept asking me where she was and I had already had complied and told them everything I knew, at that point I was done, I couldn't do anything and they just wouldn't listen."

Eventually, the cops realized that she was not an evil terrorist attempting to take over the world, and they left. But the damage was already done. Thayer filed a formal complaint with the Travis County Sheriff's department on Wednesday.

After Thayer's story made local news, however, the department made an attempt to censure their misdeeds by using threats to gag those who would spread this story and video.

In a statement sent to FOX 7, a spokesperson for the sheriff's department said an investigation is underway and that , “any further statement or publication of evidence in the case, on television or social media, before a thorough investigation is completed is inappropriate and interferes with the integrity of the investigation."

Had Thayer not recorded her assault, no one would have ever believed her, and any potential punitive or compensatory action would have likely been futile. And Thayer knows this, "I knew from the moment they walked in there was a very aggressive tone about them and I needed to get this because nobody would ever believe this."

Below is the video of Thayer's state-sponsored home invasion. Imagine how different this story would have played out had Thayer attempted to defend her home with a weapon; she would very likely be dead, and the cops touted as heroes.

At 27 seconds, the video goes black as Thayer is assaulted by the officers and drops her phone, but the audio of the assault can still be heard. The video picks back up at the 5:00 marker.