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June 24, 2014

Nothing illustrates the failure that the war on drugs has become more than droves of cops switching sides from enforcement to legalized enterprise.

Earlier this year the Free Thought Project covered the story of former high ranking DEA agent Patrick Moen.

After over a decade of working with the federal government to put away drug dealers, Moen recently abandoned his job at the DEA in order to pursue a career with Privateer Holdings, a Seattle, Washington-based investment firm that specializes in the budding marijuana industry.

It seems that Moen has set a trend. Now cops from Canada and the US alike are jumping ship from enforcement to cultivation.

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While this is obviously a good sign that the war on drugs is collapsing, its a bit of a ripoff to see the ones responsible for ruining so many lives, to be able to easily enter this field now that it is legal.

Where were these same guys when marijuana was illegal? That's right, they were getting paid for busting the same folks who now employ them.

It is an amazing and powerful thing, the free market; it can turn tyrants into honest workers, literally, overnight.

The good that is done when governments loosen their grip on the citizens is overtly evident every time it happens.