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"He has the authority at any time to kick anyone he wants off the bus!"

June 18, 2014

A particularly disheartening video was uploaded to facebook late Tuesday night.

It takes place in Rochester, NY on the 4/4X Hudson Regional Transit Service Bus.

The video shows one Regional Transit Officer telling the woman to get off the bus because she hadn't paid the fare.

However, according to all the witnesses on the bus, she had already paid the fare.

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When she refuses and the crowd voices their support for her, two other police officers board the bus.

The weather happened to be horrible that night. Despite this woman having witnesses of her paying the fare and having two young children, she was thrown out in the rain, like a dog.

How can these officers sleep at night, throwing children out in the rain?

The heartening part of this video is the crowd on the bus refusing to be silent and unafraid of voicing their discontent.