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Gwinnett County, GA -- A family has been devastated after returning to their home to find that their beloved 7-month-old dog had been killed by police.

The Rios family was moving into a home that had been vacant for quite some time. The "see-something, say-something" neighbors quickly called the police to report the suspicious activity of a family moving things into a home.

Police, with apparently very little research, decided to enter the home to look for the supposed burglars. Instead of burglars, however, they found the family pets.

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According to WSB-TV, the officer said the dog rushed toward him. He said he backed up and then began circling around. The officer said that's when the pit bull dove at him and bit at his pants and leg. The officer says he fired two shots and his partner fired a shotgun.

The Rios family did nothing wrong, they had committed no crime, yet their dog was killed by police and they have no recourse. Police said that the shooting was entirely justified because the dog tried to bite the officer. They also stated that there will be no internal investigation.

"I don't know why they did this to me. Now I'm afraid to go back to the house,” said Karen Rios.

In the Land of the Free, police can go into your home, shoot your dog and call it "protecting and serving."