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Orange County, FL - When a Florida woman called police for help Sunday morning, and they never showed, she left her home. She returned hours later to find that the cops had decided to show up and kill her dog.

"My dog was right here dead. They wrapped him up with a blanket."

Deborah Jones called for help early Sunday when her and her boyfriend had gotten into an argument, which caused her to feel unsafe. When the heroes didn't show, she was forced to leave her home, only to return to a devastating scene. According to WFTV, "she found deputies surrounding her home and a paper authorizing the county to pick up her dog's body."

Residents of the Tymber Skan condominiums told local news that they advised the Orange County deputies that no one was home, but were ignored as the incompetent and trigger-happy cops kicked down Jones' door, damaged her property, and killed her dog.

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"They had to shoot my dog for no reason. They kicked my door in. I can't even lock my door," Jones said.

Jones' daughter, Kita Williams, stated, "That's his house. This is his house. He's got to protect this house."

A spokesperson for the cops said the deputies had to kick in the door due to nature of the call, and shot the dog only because he was charging at them. What they neglect to mention is that if the deputies had responded when help was actually needed, none of that would have been necessary.

Unfortunately, situations such as this one are not uncommon. This is a serious epidemic that is causing too many families heartache and loss, and it stems from the sense of impunity granted to police officers. Police consider themselves entitled to shoot any dog that barks in their direction, and they get away with it.

Police don’t shoot dogs because they have to, they shoot dogs because they can.