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Hesperia, CA -- Buddy never even got a chance to bark before he was shot down by cowardly cops who arrived at the wrong residence in response to a domestic disturbance call.

Debra Blackmore posted on Facebook the tragic picture of Buddy after he was shot, next to a picture of the husky when he was alive.

Debra’s brother-in-law and son were sitting on the patio when the cops walked to the breezeway, and Buddy, being naturally curious, walked out to see who was there. That’s when a shot rang out and the men ran to see what happened.

According to Nancy Blackmore-Cordoso, the cops pointed guns at the men and frisked them, all the while preventing them from tending to Buddy as he lay dying.

“All they said was sorry,” said Debra in the Facebook post. “They called animal control out she said that he needed to go to the vet. But it would cost too much if she took him.”

Family and friends have expressed an outpouring of sympathy in comments under the saddening pictures of Buddy.

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“Everything happened so fast that Buddy didn't even have a chance to bark at them,” said Nancy. "Buddy was only doing his job checking to see what was going on and lost his life.”

Leonard Ashton posted:

“This is so sad. I know these people and they are good Christian folks. The dog was only doing what it was supposed to do. Why did the cops have to use lethal force? They could have tased him or used pepper spray! Why would they go to a house like that when they didn't even have an address? The neighbor that called in the disturbance didn't even give then an address, just said it was the house on the left. Whose left, from their house or from the street?? I support the police every day of my life and always have but this makes me sick! He was a good dog!!!”

Cases like Buddy are all too common in the saga of law enforcement. We have reported on countless stories of cops killing dogs with no justification. Some of them are caught on film, such as Gillian Palacios’ dog Duchess who was instantly shot three times by a cop who knocked on the door to tell them a car door was open.

Yvonne Rosado’s small dog named Spike slipped out of the apartment door when cops came knocking early in the morning. Surveillance footage shows Spike leisurely walking around, curious at the visitors, before being ruthlessly shot to death by a NYPD cop. Rosado, overcome with grief, rushed at the cop and was tackled to the ground.

The lives of these innocent animals ended violently by the incompetent, cowardly actions of police officers. Why can’t cops understand that dogs like Buddy, Duchess and Spike are loved like family members?