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Putnam County, FL -- A man is dead, and a deputy has been shot after the Putman County Sheriff's Department relentless carries out the state's immoral war on drugs.

The incident happened as cops were driving around in a neighborhood Friday night looking for otherwise completely innocent people to purchase their drugs, so they could arrest them. Prior to setting up and killing Anthony Andrew Williams of Hawthorne, police arrested 10 people in this entrapment scheme.

However, after Williams voluntarily bought a substance for his own personal consumption from deputies, he realized their scheme and tried to run.

According to police, Williams then took off in an SUV and swerved to avoid hitting deputies which sent him crashing into a nearby tree.

Police then claim that Williams, who just crashed because he tried to avoid hitting deputies, tried to hit the deputies. At this point, four officers began to unload their pistols at the man.

During their ridiculously violent display, these trigger happy deputies shot one of their fellow cops. Deputy Robert Nelson is currently recovering from a gunshot wound he received from his "highly trained" co-workers.

The man whose tree was damaged during this debacle, Gilbert Randall, expressed his disappointment with police to WJAX News.

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“They set the scene for this to happen, and he lost his life. I'm saddened,” Randall said.

While Williams' body sits in a morgue, the four officers who put him there are all on paid vacations.

This man is dead and a deputy has been shot, for what? So the state can justify their inflated and militaristic budgets? So they can bolster their arrest count and keep their prisons filled to maximum capacity with victimless criminals? So they can "protect" people from themselves?

The war on drugs is a sham. It's a danger to all those involved, especially to the people who simply want to use drugs.

A man can walk into a liquor store and buy 3 bottles of Everlcear and down them until he dies, and police will say that this man died from his drinking problem. However, if that same man tries purchase a plant that makes him relax, that he will smoke in his own home, that man is a criminal and needs to be locked in a cage or killed.

There is absolutely zero logic and reason applied throughout the entire system. From D.C. to Main Street, this criminal insanity, known as the War on Drugs, wages on.

Ready for it to end? So are we.