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Florence, KY -- In an interview with her local news station, WLWT, Rebecca Brummett says she's always supported the police. However, that support is likely diminished now after she watched and filmed multiple police officers assault her 12-year-old son and shove her 15-year-old daughter -- without giving them a reason and then laughing about it.

On Wednesday, Florence police were responding to a call in a neighborhood about a group of kids 'possibly fighting.' When they showed up, however, it was the police who got violent.

"He drove up on the sidewalk and he walked around the cruiser. The cop got out and grabbed him (her son)," says Brummett. However, according to Brummett, her son thought the cop was someone else and simply pulled his arm away.

"He said, 'Get off of me,' and kept on walking," describes Brummett. Apparently, pulling his arm away was perceived as a threat to the police, so the boy was thrown to the ground and brutalized.

Brummett, who maintained extraordinary composure as armed agents of the state piled on top of her son and rammed his head into the ground, took out her phone and filmed the assault. Many parents would have been hard-pressed to maintain themselves as cops pummel their child in such a manner.

As she pleads with the cops to stop forcing the 12-year-old boy's head into the ground, the officer with his hand on her son's face challenges her.

"Get off of my son," pleads Brummett.

"Do it! Do it!" taunts the cop, apparently begging for even more violence than he's already created.

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Brummett said that even though the officers had her son completely subdued, one of them had his hand on the taser as if this was a viable option to employ against a 12-year-old boy, who had done nothing wrong.

“He did have his hand on the Taser and I said, 'Dude, don't do that. That's my son. He's only 12. Don't do that,' ” she said.

After the heroic officers had tackled, assaulted, and handcuffed the 12-year-old boy, according to Brummett, they shoved her 15-year-old daughter too. When Brummett tells the officer not to shove her daughter, the cop can be seen with a pompous smirk in an apparent effort to taunt the mother whose kids he just assaulted.

"They treated my son like a grown man, he's only 12," said Brummett.

After the assault, Brummett had to bring her son to the hospital after she says he had trouble breathing because of chest pains and headaches.

When WLWT reached out to the Florence police for comment on the video, naturally, they declined, saying only that "the incident is under investigation."

According to WLWT, Brummett met with the chief of police who assured her that an investigation is underway and that these officers will face discipline if they find they acted inappropriately.