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Aspen, CO -- Earlier this week The Free Thought Project brought you the story of a brutal arrest of a 16-year-old boy after police suspected him of rolling a joint.

The video was unsettling and showed officers using "pain compliance techniques" on this non-threatening, non-violent boy.

But there is something even more despicable in a new video that the original video had edited out of it. The Aspen times conveniently edited out the last portion of the video, which shows one of the arresting officers spitting on the victim's face.

According to his YouTube channel, Ross Steel, is a friend of the suspect and noticed that the video had been edited, so he released the unedited version.

Steel explains in the description:

Due to the Aspen Times releasing an edited version of the arrest, as a colleague and friend of the suspect I felt it necessary to spread the truth. Faces of suspects have been blurred to retain identities. However, I did not spare the wrongdoing officers. Be mindful that it is legal to record and show the identities of police while on the job.

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Steel also notes that there was no evidence of marijuana found on the body of this 16-year-old boy. The very reason he was assaulted by the officers was for being suspected of having marijuana and according to this account, nothing was found.

Several comments on the video claim that this boy resisted and deserved to "have his face smashed in" "for being a c**t." However, according to a witness the boy did not resist.

According to Steel, the boy was complying with the officers. He showed them that he had nothing in his hands and was fully cooperating. But all of the sudden, according to Steel, police grabbed the boy's wrist, and the officers began their barrage. Unannounced and without permission, the officers began trying to search the boy without his consent.

It wasn't until this assault was initiated by officers that the 16-year-old started to voice his opposition, according to Steel.

"I'd assume anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that being physically afflicted generally results in an outcry of pain. And, of course, the struggling is not fake, being attacked by three men twice your size would probably harbor a reaction as such," said Steel.

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