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"You need to write yourself a ticket!"

May 20, 2014

In honor of it being National Revenue Collection Through Arbitrary Law Enforcement month, ahem... National Click it or Ticket Enforcement month, we here at the Free Thought Project thought that we would share a heartfelt moment of police hypocrisy.

All too often police will not follow the same laws for which they will issue the commoner a citation. This above the law attitude further serves to drive the wedge between those tasked with upholding the 'law' and those harassed when not following the 'law.'

If we do not point this abuse out, it will only get worse.

Pointing out the above the law attitude of cops, is exactly what this independent journalist has done in the video below. He also catches the epitome of the pretentious nature of so many LEOs on film.

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Cameraman: "What is your name?"

Cops: "Sir!"

Cameraman: "I'd hate to put this on youtube."

Cops: "If you don't get away from me we are going to lock you up."

Apparently this officer thinks that exposing police corruption is a punishable offense.