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San Bernardino, CA -- In an apparent attempt to give rise to their bottom line, the San Bernardino Police Department took to the streets dressed as panhandlers this week.

Four officers donned their cardboard signs and walked the street looking for vile criminal law breakers who'd dare to be inside a vehicle without their seat belts on.


According to the NY Daily News,

The four-hour operation led to 50 total vehicle stops, including 33 for cell phone violations, 15 seat belt violations and five cars impounded because the drivers were either unlicensed or driving on suspended licenses, police said.

Officers Walton and Alvarez wore sunglasses and plainclothes and held cardboard signs — like those held by a panhandler asking for money — with a twist.

“I am NOT homeless,” the officers wrote by hand on the cardboard. “SB police looking for seatbelt/cell phone violations.”

The SBPD claimed that their efforts were noble as they risked life and limb to stop rogue villains who'd dare threaten the very fabric of civilization by attempting a text message or a phone call while stopped in traffic; or forgetting to buckle up.

“During this detail, our undercover officers walked up to the windows of many vehicles unnoticed by the drivers that were either talking or texting on their cell phones,” police said in a statement on the sting. “Those calls and messages can wait until you arrive at your destination and are not worth risking the life of yourself or those around you while driving.”

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Curiously, they failed to mention how exactly extorting money from people for victimless crimes such as not wearing their seatbelt contributes to the safety of the community. Probably because it doesn't. Seat belt violations are merely a scam to allow officers to "lawfully" extort money from the citizenry so they can keep getting their scheduled promotions.

In fact, the enforcement of laws for victimless crimes, in reality, makes society less safe. In a recent study, it was revealed that locking people in cages for crimes in which there is no victim, almost guarantees that they will become a real criminal. 

Sadly, most people attempt to rationalize the idea of police extorting money from them for victimless crimes such as seatbelt violations, window tint, etc. Police are just doing their job, they say, when they pull us over and give us a piece of paper demanding we pay them -- or face death.

Death? Yes. Death.

Most people do not contemplate a "traffic citation" in its entirety. Most people will not realize that the only way the state can compel you to pay them for these supposed "violations" is to threaten you with violence. It is the threat of violence to which the state owes its very existence.

People do not pay these citations out of the kindness of their hearts; they pay them because if they didn't they'd be locked in a cage. Despite people not explicitly saying that is why they pay them, subconsciously it is understood. Pay up, or lose your freedom. Resist losing your freedom, and you will be killed -- for not wearing a seat belt.

But remember, these public servants who extort the masses through the enforcement of immoral laws designed solely for boosting revenue, do this to keep you safe. They do this to maintain order and keep us free. Sadly, many of these officers actually believe that kidnapping, caging, and killing you over a plant, or a seatbelt, makes society a better place -- they even consider it to be heroic.

The good news is that more and more cops are seeing the tyrannical nature in which these laws are based and are calling it out.