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"Unfortunately, I just reacted the way I'm used to reacting."

May 3, 2014

A New Mexico State Police officer was arrested Thursday after allegedly assaulting a repo tow-truck driver who was there to take his vehicle.

Los Lunas PD said they were responding to a call that the driver and and NMSP officer Charles Vernier were in some sort of a conflict. Vernier is caught on video holding the driver in a choke hold for 8 minutes.

According to KRQE News, when police arrived on scene, they say State Police Officer Charles Vernier was choking the driver and they ordered him to stop. According to the news release, after Vernier released the man he attempted to run from officers.

In body cam video from LLPD, you see a large crowd gathered around watching the 6’5″ Vernier holding the tow truck driver. Vernier won’t let the driver go until an officer pulls out his Taser. Vernier repeatedly tells police they need to handcuff the driver for assaulting him.

Police say Vernier refused to turn around and comply.

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“I’m not being handcuffed today,” Vernier says in the video.

Vernier runs a short distance before falling in the video.

It was only after his arrest that police found out Vernier is a cop.

In an interview with KOAT, Vernier said, "Unfortunately, I just reacted the way I'm used to reacting."

Vernier was already on administrative leave and was undergoing an evaluation to determine whether or not he was mentally capable of being a police officer.

Well, NMSP, you were a little late on that psychological evaluation. Here's a tip, how about you conduct the evaluations prior to making these people cops?

Just what exactly are the criteria for becoming an New Mexico Law Enforcement Officer anyway? Within the last six months alone, we've seen not one, not two, but three cases of police sodomizing victims, riot police abuse,cold-blooded killings,  and now this crazy cop allegedly assaulting a tow truck driver.

Get it together New Mexico cops.