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Dallas, TX -- Apparently the FBI has a hard time finding criminals these days, as they have resorted to bribing people into committing fake crimes so they can later bust them.

It's already widely known among those who are awake to government corruption that nearly 95 percent of terrorist arrests in the US have been the result of the FBI foiling its own entrapment plots as a part of the so-called post-9/11 War on Terror.

Mentally diminished, poverty stricken individuals are sought out and duped into playing along with the FBI's fake plans of fake crimes. The poor soul whose life is then ruined is paraded around on TV and used as a human trophy to show the world how "great America is at catching and fighting terrorists."

On Monday, we broke the story of Alexander Ciccolo, 23, also known as Ali Al Amriki, who was arrested for allegedly plotting to cause terror on behalf of ISIS. The FBI gave this mentally ill man multiple weapons and then charged him for possessing those weapons.

According to an FBI affidavit, they began investigating Ciccolo after a “close acquaintance … stated that Ciccolo had a long history of mental illness and in the last 18 months had become obsessed with Islam.” This likely gave the FBI a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that they had a new "terrorist" to groom.

Ciccolo certainly said some disturbing things, but without the help and encouragement of the FBI, he would have likely remained a harmless mentally ill nobody. Instead, thanks to his FBI handlers, he is now the "Terrorist Arrested for Plotting to Blow Up College Campuses."

Shake in your boots America! There are FBI created patsies terrorists everywhere!

The FBI has taken this approach and is now applying it to average citizens who don't express their mentally deranged affections towards the Islamic State.

On Wednesday, the FBI announced that dozens of people are facing charges related to smuggling drugs on airline flights from Dallas to other cities across the nation. The only problem here is that these people weren't actual drug smugglers, nor were they smuggling drugs.

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Imagine for a moment that you are down on your luck, behind on bills, and in dire need of some cash. Out of the blue, a friendly person says, "Hey, I know how to earn $9,000 cash in just a single day. All you have to do is carry this box of cocaine onto a plane and deliver it for me. I do it all the time; you won't get caught, trust me."

You think to yourself, "I don't really want to be a drug delivery boy, but $9,000 cash would really help me out." So you do it.

When you land in your destination city, you're met by the FBI and arrested for smuggling fake drugs.

According to CBS News,

Undercover agents gave some suspects packages, purporting they contained drugs, that were then carried onto flights for payments of up to $9,000, according to an indictment unsealed Wednesday. Prosecutors said the drugs were flown to Las Vegas; Newark, New Jersey; Phoenix; Chicago; Wichita, Kansas; and San Francisco.

Oddly enough the IRS was also involved in this "sting" operation.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Dallas released a statement saying most of the 46 defendants are from northern Texas and would appear in court beginning Wednesday. They face charges that include intent to distribute cocaine and methamphetamines, conspiracy, and money laundering, according to CBS News.

Using an undercover agent to catch a person who's going to commit a crime is one thing. However, manipulating an otherwise innocent person into committing a crime is something entirely different.

Who is protected when the FBI bribes someone to convince them to carry fake drugs onto a plane? Who is served by locking a person in a cage because they needed some money and decided to make a delivery for a drug dealer?

Apparently the FBI is diligently trying to justify their bloated multi-billion dollar a year budget. Unfortunately, this is done so by compromising the trust of the American people and ruining the lives of people who may have never caused harm to another human.