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The dashcam footage has been released of an incident that led to an innocent 70 year old man being put in critical condition after being shot at several times by a York County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Bobby Canipe went to reach for his cane during a traffic stop. Deputy Terrence Knox thought he was reaching for a rifle, apparently couldn’t verbally warn the man, or fire a warning shot, and out of fear for his life fired several shots at the man and hitting him.

Apparently shooting a 70 year old man, reaching for a cane in the back of a pickup truck, is appropriate use of force as Knox felt an imminent threat to his life.

We can clearly see, even from the blurred video, that it is obviously a cane.

Knox is on paid vacation pending an investigation.

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The York County Sheriff’s Office says Knox followed procedure for a situation like this.

Some people will watch this video and say, well, Officer Knox was just looking out for his life, he has a family to go home to at night. He did what he had to do. But did he really have to even be there, in that position?

Mr. Canipe was pulled over because he had an expired license plate. A harmless "offense" whose only victims are the tyrants that charge people for the privilege of driving, the state. All too often we see people beaten, caged, and killed for causing absolutely no harm; all because the state steals money from you to pay costumed thugs to collect revenue by enforcing arbitrary and immoral "laws."

For far too long people have simply gone about their daily lives, thinking that this oppression and theft are here for our protection, to provide us roads, social welfare, and military defense. However, once you begin to look closely, you quickly see that none of this police state is for your security, roads are built by private companies the state only acts as a middle man, and social welfare can easily be solved without robbing people at gun point.

It is time to start asking the right questions; the questions that place the very existence of the state into scrutiny. We must do this before it is too late, before the state outlaws the very act of questioning it.