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He shot Lt. Col Michael Bell, Sr’s son in the head execution style. Kenosha police officer Alberto Gonzalez, that is. Michael Bell, Jr. was unarmed, at his home, and was being roughed up by Kenosha police, again, this time in his driveway.

Michael Bell Jr. died from a single round fired into his temple, killing him instantly. Since his son’s gang-style killing in 2004, the former combat pilot has worked to bring justice, not only to the Bell family, but to all the other families whose loved ones have been killed by cops, whose departments investigated themselves, and predictably found no wrongdoing in their actions.

Bell Sr. held a press conference Tuesday to release what he calls six new findings in his son’s case which he says further highlight the fact his son was not only murdered by a cop but the details of which have been systematically covered up. Bell summarized the new discoveries:

The new evidence can be summed up as 6 items. #1 a round concave indentation that has been described as bullet impact damage (by 3 retired police officers) has been located that directly opposes the police version. #2 Four separate people (one being a relative of the shooting officer) shared evidence that a fight occurred amongst the officer immediately after the shooting. #3 That the Sheriff, Police Chief, DA and WI DOJ colluded to block a proper investigation into the death. #4 A 3d animator was hired and fired by the city's attorneys that could not produce an anatomically correct version of the police account #5 Officers under oath failed to acknowledge the involvement of the animator #6 Attorneys for the city failed to correct the officers false testimony.

First, Bell says, “after 14 years” he has located a projectile indentation found on the garage, which is most likely where the bullet ricocheted after it passed through Bell Jr.’s skull. If it is, indeed, an indention caused by Gonzalez’ bullet, the entire testimony of how Bell Jr. was shot will be proved to be a lie. Gonzalez claims he shot Bell in the direction of the street, not in the direction of the garage.


Bell’s investigative team claims email evidence uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act (public records request) demonstrates each officer lied under oath when deposed following the officer-involved shooting. Bell says he had to hire the state’s leading open records request attorney to put enough pressure on the city of Kenosha before the city would even release records which it was legally obligated to provide. Bell says he had to pay $60,000 just to get to the text messages and emails which prove, as he alleges, an obstruction of justice has taken place. That obstruction prevented an open and honest investigation into Bell’s death.

The Bell team continued revealing their findings and accused the DA of covering up the Bell shooting. “We believe that DA Michael Gravely knew from the beginning that this was a bad shoot, and he was doing everything he could to block the Bell family from getting a proper investigation,” Michael Bell Sr interjected at the press conference as his team was going over the email findings. Bell Sr added, “Fraud, credible whistleblower, incompetent government authority...” Bell said before silencing himself to allow his team to continue.

The team says the judge in the case has bad information because the investigation done by Kenosha was flawed, having errors which included eyewitness statements by people who already signed under oath they did not see the shooting. “I asked Judge Boyle...Judge Boyle blocked me from any contradiction,” and disallowed the decorated military veteran from proving the investigation was flawed. “Judge Boyle made his ruling on an incorrect account...and we are going to go ahead and challenge (Boyle) very soon,” Bell said.

The team then presented eyewitness testimony given by Michael Bell Jr.’s sister who clearly stated how they saw the cops shoot the young man in the head which contradicted exactly how the cops said it happened. “For the judge to cherry pick a person’s account and actually conflate (the two eyewitness accounts) is really concerning,” the team concluded.

Bell claims the fact each officer changed their story so many times is yet more proof that not only are the cops lying but they have successfully covered up the shooting as a justifiable homicide for 15 years. Bell says “there were five eyewitnesses and not one of them ever changed their testimony once.” He added:

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Officer Eric Strausbaugh changed his testimony four times. Officer Eric Weiner changed his testimony three times. Lt. Krueger changed his testimony six times. And Officer Gonzalez changed his testimony six times. You tell me what detective who is interviewing a suspect will allow them to change their testimony six times and not challenge them on it. But you know what, our legal system allowed it to go and Michael Gravely doesn’t suspect there’s a problem and he’s allowed that to pass.

Bell said the Kenosha County Police Department wouldn’t even come out to the house to process the potential bullet indentation in the garage. Bell said he had to threaten to go to the media before they would even come out to process the evidence which would implicate a cop may have assassinated a young man in cold blood who had committed no crime other than sitting in his car on the street into the early hours that fateful morning.

The Bell team also said a physical fight broke out between police officers at the Bell home immediately following the shooting of Michael Bell Jr. A firefighter witnessed it and the team says no mention of a fight was ever made in any police report.

Investigators working for Bell also learned this year that Kenosha PD hired a 3D animator to create an animated video to re-enact the police shooting as told by the police. “He couldn’t create an animation which reflected what they suggested,” so the 3D animation was never released to the public. The animator signed an affidavit saying as much.

“I believe and my team believes that this conspiracy is ongoing and the statute of limitations has not expired,” Bell stated, and says the DA must recuse himself from the case.

Bell’s team has three current goals:

1. Clear Michael Bell Jr.’s Name

2. Find out the truth of Michael Bell’s Death

3. Have Governor Evers to direct the Attorney General to Open Up a New Investigation

”I want everybody to know that we’re doing this for you, because you don’t have the ability to do what we’ve done,” Bell Sr said choking back tears as he reflected on his 15-year-battle which was victorious in changing state law and now seeks to reopen the unexplained homicide of Michael Bell Jr.

***LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE*** Father reveals cover-up. Please forgive videographer and turn your volume up.

Posted by Plea for a change, the Michael Bell shooting on Tuesday, November 5, 2019