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Killeen, TX — The cops in Killeen, Texas are garnering some much needed scrutiny this week after a report from a local news outlet found that they have been aggressively targeting drivers in a speed trap. Just last week, Killeen cops wrote at total of 95 traffic tickets in just an hour and a half. That is over one ticket a minute.

Police claim they were reacting to a complaint from a citizen about a speeder going through a school zone. Speeding through a school zone is a terrible and dangerous idea and those who recklessly endanger the lives of kids should certainly be held accountable.

However, these cops took revenue collection to new heights this month by setting up in Pershing Park Elementary School zone and stopping dozens of motorists, issuing all of them citations. According to police, 76 of those citations were for speeding.

"Our goal is to ensure the safety of our citizens and students as they walk and bike to and from school," KPD wrote in a press release.

As stated above, it is dangerous to recklessly travel through areas where small children are walking around. However, a citation every minute in less than two hours is predatory and seemingly has very little to do with public safety.

If the Killeen police department was really worried about public safety and stopping criminals, they could start with the son of one of their own.

Disturbing video of a murder in Killeen, Texas was published in 2017 by the Free Thought Project of a man being murdered in broad daylight. We reported on this video to help seek justice for Curtis E. Shelley. However, as we reported earlier this month, while cops were writing a ticket every minute, we learned that the killer—who is the son of a Killeen police officer—will have no charges filed against him.

The Bell County Grand Jury met at the beginning of March and no charges were returned in the killing of Shelley. Naturally, the Shelley family was devastated and were quick to claim that the suspect got away with murder because he's the son of a cop.

As KCEN reports, they said the aftermath of the shooting has torn the family apart and they do not have closure or feel like justice was served. They also said they're upset that the person they believe shot Shelley has still not been named as the suspect.

Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza released the following statement after the no bill was returned:

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On November 12, 2017, the Killeen Police Department began an investigation concerning the death of Curtis Shelly. As a result of the subject of the investigation being related to an active officer with the Killeen Police Department, Police Chief Kimble requested the Texas Rangers to handle the investigation.

Toward the end of 2018 the investigation was completed by the Texas Rangers and due to other work that was scheduled before the grand jury the investigation could not be presented before their term expired.

Today, (Wednesday) The Bell County Grand Jury was presented the completed investigation of the Texas Rangers and after due deliberation by the Bell County Grand Jury they decided not to return an indictment in connection with the death of Curtis Shelly.

In any other case involving the shooting death of an unarmed person, rest assured that the public would be, at the very least, given the shooter's name. However, this case was tainted from the start. Despite video showing the shooting of an unarmed man, no arrests and no charges were ever made and his name was never released.

As we reported at the time, an anonymous source told the Free Thought Project that the shooter in the video below is the son of a KPD officer. The victim's grandmother confirmed this as well. And only after we reported it did the Texas Rangers announce this connection.

Police officials said the Texas Rangers were invited to assist in the investigation into the death of Curtis E. Shelley after the alleged shooter’s connection to a department employee was discovered.

The investigation determined that "the victim and suspect" were involved in an ongoing dispute, according to the Killeen Police Department. The shooter was reportedly Shelly's neighbor.

According to Shelley's family, Shelley was walking home when he got into an argument with his neighbor over Shelley's family dog. The family claims Shelley's neighbor stabbed their dog a few weeks earlier.

As the video shows, the two men were engaged in an obvious dispute with the shooter training the gun on Shelley the entire time. As the situation appears to calm down, Shelley walks backward and the shooter has the chance to leave the scene. However, the shooter chooses not to leave and with no warning and without Shelly lunging or otherwise posing any threat, the man fired the shotgun.

The single shot dropped Shelley immediately and he died shortly after.

At the time, legal experts noted that it would be difficult for the shooting to be justified. However, it was and now a family has to live with the fact that their neighbor—a son of a police officer—killed their beloved family member and no justice will be served.

As TFTP reported at the time, the shooter wasn't even brought in for questioning for several days after he killed a man. He was allowed to leave the scene after police arrived and nothing ever came of it.

When watching the video below, ask yourself what possible reason would deter police from going to the shooter's house and immediately arresting him. Then think about the video above in which cops were writing a ticket every single minute. As we can clearly see, Killeen police are clearly more interested in revenue collection than they are with going after a relative of one of their own who killed an unarmed man in broad daylight.