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Pinellas County, FL-- Deputy Raymond Ferrio, 47, was fired from the Pinella's County Police Department on Tuesday for using excessive force on an inmate, and admitting he got "caught up in the moment" while beating a disabled man.

Shockingly, not only did this department fire the unhinged officer, they showed complete transparency in not only issuing a full statement, but also releasing a four and a half minute long video of the incident. It is currently unclear if they will go for the gold and actually arrest and charge Ferrio for the brutal assault.

The statement read in part:

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"According to the administrative investigation, on October 1, 2014 at approximately 8:00 AM an inmate refused to attend a sick call. Detention Deputy Raymond Ferrio entered the inmate’s housing unit and attempted to escort him to the appointment. The inmate was seated in a wheelchair due to a debilitating health condition.

Administrative Investigation Division investigators say as Ferrio attempted to wheel the inmate he placed his feet down to prevent his movement. Ferrio wrapped his arm around the inmate’s neck, pulling him from the wheelchair and dumping him onto the floor, shattering his dentures. While the inmate was on the ground he struck him with his fists and knees before securing him in restraints.

The investigation determined that at no time did the inmate physically threaten any deputy or pose a physical threat to staff.Investigators say Ferrio admitted that the use of force was not justified and he “got caught up in the moment.” Ferrio further admitted he should have handled the situation differently.

As a result of the administrative investigation, Ferrio was terminated effective on Tuesday, January 20, 2015."

When a citizen without a badge gets "caught up in the moment", that lack of self control will usually land you charges of assault and battery at the very least, perhaps even attempted murder judging by the departments's own description of the encounter. An officer being fired (if that) instead of facing charges for the very real and violent crimes they commit has been accepted for too long. Badges should not grant impunity from legal repercussions.

As one user on the Talking Points Memo Forum simply pointed out, "If being caught up in the moment was some kind of legal justification, prisons would be empty right now."