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There's one thing of which we are certain, at The Free Thought Project. From all the likes, comments, and shares, we can say with complete confidence, the American people are sick and tired of police officers around the country killing our pets.

One of the latest such killings comes from Nevada and was caught on body camera footage from the officer who shot and killed world-record power lifter and firefighter Gary Miller's dog, Blu. The beloved pet was in his own fenced-in yard, on his own property, when police arrived.

The Nye County Sheriff's deputy had been called to Miller's residence when he accidentally sat on his panic button, an action which alerted his alarm company to send police to his residence. Despite Miller calling the police and telling them not to come because it was a mistake, they showed up anyway.

After arriving, officer John Tolle is seen on his body camera letting himself in by opening the gate and going inside the weightlifter's property. Tolle took 23 steps up to Miller's door.

Tolle knocked on Miller's door but noticed a shadow coming around the corner running and barking. The officer began to speak to himself, saying, "Oh, don't be mean. Don't be vicious. Oh, don't do it doggie. Don't' do it doggie. Stop it. Stop it." He then unloaded four shots into the dog's torso, without ever attempting to back up, taser, or mace the animal.

Death was his first and only choice.

Tolle radioed in, "Shots fired, shots fired." Miller heard the shots and asked, "Did you shoot my dog?" "Let me see your hands," Tolle answered adding, "He just attacked me! He's attacking me!"

In all honesty, officer Tolle, he wasn't attacking you, you weren't backing up, and you never attempted to show yourself as anything other than a threat.

Had Tolle been a pizza delivery man or a postal worker, rest assured that his act of killing this man's dog would be nowhere close to justifiable.

Miller, understandably, wasn't at all happy about it. He attempted to get some understanding from the other officers, but his anger was obviously growing, along with his heartache. "The dog was coming up to you!"

He asked Tolle, "Why didn't you stay at the gate? I would've come out to you?" "What do you expect from a dog?" he asked.

Darcy Spears, of KTNV News 13, spoke with both Miller and Sheriff Sharon Wehrly. Miller said, "If the dog's wagging his tail, even if he's barking and growling, he's no threat. My dog was still wagging his tail when he was laying on the ground bleeding to death." He couldn't hold back his emotion or his tears.

After, Sheriff Wehrly told Spears a rash of recent pit bull maulings caused the officer to be afraid. Miller cannot believe the tired excuse of being afraid for one's life. He remarked, "I mean that's ridiculous. To me, the man has no control. If he's got no self-control, he's got no business having a badge and a gun."

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The Sheriff's Office concluded the shooting was neither excessive nor unjustified. They indicated the nature of the call precipitated an entry into the property, but internal records indicate that several officers had been out to the property on at least a dozen other occasions without anyone being bitten before.

To add insult to puppycide, Tolle and his Sergeant were captured on his body camera callously calling the guy an 'asshole' for being angry about the killing of his dog.

As Tolle talks to a sergeant, who showed up after the dog was shot, the conversation went as follows:

Sergeant on body cam: I've been out here with this guy before.

Dep. Tolle: Have you?

Sgt.: Kind of an asshole sometimes.

Dep. Tolle: Especially when I shoot his dog.

Sgt: Even more so.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that the cops took Blu's body without Miller's consent and had him cremated — ruining the chances of burying his beloved pet on his own property.

"Ask them why they cremated the body of the dog without contacting me. Without getting consent from me," Miller said.

When KTNV asked the department why they took Miller's dog, they said they uncovered something, stating that the story took a 'strange twist.' But, they noted it won't be released until Monday.

We'll keep you updated as we are made aware of more details. In the meanwhile, let us know what you think. What should the officer have done? Should he have backed away? Should he have tried pepper spray first? We're reporting, you decide. Comment below.

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