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"It was a french fry, not weed"

July 2, 2014

The ludicrous "war on drugs" violates another person's rights.

Semi-famous rapper, Joe Mugga, was out with some friends when Fairview Township Police officer, Michael Bennage pulled him over for a burnt out license plate light.

As he was reviewing Mugga's license and registration (papers), Bennage tried to open the back door to of his vehicle; no consent was given, no warrant was obtained.

Bennage demands that Mugga open the door. "For what?" Mugga replies.

Bennage then reaches inside the vehicle, unlocks the door, and yanks Mugga out of his own car.

All of the occupants were told to exit the vehicle and sit on the curb while Bennage ransacked the vehicle looking for drugs.

Mugga tells the Free Thought Project that Bennage said he could "smell weed" and "saw some in the back seat."

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Mugga said that he knew his vehicle had nothing in it, so he consented to the search. The Free Thought Project recommends against consenting to any and all searches.

After the search, Bennage came back and tells Mugga the reason for the rights violation, "It was a french fry, not weed."

Mugga and his friends sat on the curb while Officer Bennage, disappointed that he didn't find anything, ran all their names through the system in a last stitch effort to arrest someone.

No ticket was issued, no warning for the license plate light, and just like that, the "papers please" shakedown had ended.

Last month the Free Thought Project broke the story of the men being harassed over mentioning the band name, Nickelback.  This month the harassment comes in the form of fast food.

How many more innocent people must be harassed, locked in cages, or killed in the state's immoral pursuit to control what people do with their own bodies?

Ready to end the drug war yet? We are. Keep checking back with the Free Thought Project to see when the global day of resistance begins. #NoMoreDrugWar