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Cobb County, GA — Arguably nothing is more devastating for a motorist than to be arrested, charged, and convicted for Driving Under the Influence. But now some Georgia drivers are finding their lives turned upside down after getting DUI’s for being entirely sober.

It may sound like something out of an Orwellian novel but Georgia law enforcement officers are now arresting people on the “suspicion” they’re impaired. Now, these new victims of badge abuse are speaking out and warning other drivers about what can happen when they’re being tested by officers with special “Drug Recognition Expert” training.

Below is a video of Katelyn Ebner, one of the victims of this insane rights-violating program.

Katelyn Ebner, the innocent victim in the video, was arrested by officer Tracy Carroll, spent the night in jail, and then spent thousands of dollars and many months trying to prove her innocence, even after all urine and blood tests proved she did not have any illegal or even legal substance in her system.

Officer Carroll: “I’m going to ask you a question, okay? When was the last time you smoked marijuana?”
Katelyn Ebner: “Oh, I don’t do that. I can give you a drug test right now.”
Officer Carroll: “You don’t smoke marijuana?”
Katelyn Ebner: “I do not, no.”
Officer Carroll: “Okay. Well, you’re showing me indicators that you have been smoking marijuana, okay?”

“I didn’t realize you could get arrested for something that you didn’t do, until it happened to me,” said Ebner to 11 Alive.

Carroll is considered a “Drug Recognition Expert” by the International Association of the Chiefs of Police. In other words, he can simply look at a person and determine if they’re under the influence, and make an arrest based on that assumption. Absent from that determination is probable cause, according to many critics.

Another such critic is Princess Mbamara. She, too, was arrested by Carroll. And like Ebner, she also tested negative for any illegal substances after being arrested and charged with DUI. She told reporters;

I remember my lawyer trying to talk about a deal…I was like, ‘I’m not taking a deal. I didn’t do anything! I want more than just a deal — I want more than just dismissal; I want my life back. Can you reverse time? If you can go back in time, then that’s what I really want.’

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According to Mbamara, she spent the better part of 2016 fighting the charges in court. All the while, Carroll was racking up more DUI arrests, 90 in all.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be kidnapped and caged for doing absolutely nothing wrong but being accused by an insane cop who thinks he can magically detect that people have done drugs.

Princess Mbamara: “You’re arresting me because you think I smoke marijuana?”
Officer Carroll: “I think you’re impaired by cannabis, yes, ma’am.”
Princess Mbamara: “Sir, I don’t smoke weed! Is there a way you can test me right now?”

While the Cobb County Georgia police officers are celebrating their achievements, arresting 1,690 people for DUI, lawyers are likely lining up to sue the county’s law enforcement agencies for unlawful arrests and convictions, records which have all but destroyed the lives of folks like Ebner and Mbamara.

According to Georgia’s WXAI, Cobb County told reporters their officer’s training makes them more reliable than a scientific blood or urine test. We, at The Free Thought Project, beg to differ.

We’ve been warning our readers that, as police departments’ budgets grow, amid budgetary deficits and cutbacks, law enforcement agencies will become more desperate to fill their arrest quotas, thereby bringing in more revenue.

Now, it seems, these new “Drug Recognition Experts” are the latest iteration of such schemes, joining red light cameras, bogus field drug tests, nearly impossible to pass field sobriety tests, stop and frisk, car tossing, and sniff tests. Only now, it seems, they don’t have to go on the smell of marijuana, they can just listen to those voices bouncing around in their heads.

And they’re not open to any criticisms at all. According to WXAI, reporters were prevented from interviewing officer Carroll about his expertise at “Drug Whispering.” Who knows how many innocent people, among the nearly 1700, took the easy way out and plead guilty to a DUI they know they did not commit?

We encourage any and all persons who’ve been caught up in this latest Georgia DUI dragnet to get a lawyer and sue until the inhumane, unjust, violation of civil liberties comes to an end.