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Alpharetta, GA -- Atlanta police officer Scott Perry was arrested by Alpharetta police this Saturday night after he caused a scene at a hotel restaurant and became aggressive with a number of female patrons.

Perry was reportedly drunk and tried to kiss multiple random women whom he had never met before, and had also attempted to steal their food.

Each time Perry was strongly rejected, and in most cases the women were actually there with their significant others. In one case, Genesco Carvalhais had chased after Perry to retrieve the food for his significant other, and when he confronted Perry, the off-duty officer attempted to kiss him as well. After that, he made his rounds across the bar and tried the same thing with multiple other couples.

Eventually, the hotel called the police, but while they were on their way, Perry returned to his room in the hotel.

When Alpharetta Police got to the hotel, they found Perry drunk and in his underwear in his room, and he became belligerent when they attempted to take him away.

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According to the police report,"Scott was slurring his words and had a hard time standing," and then began to yell at the arresting officers, saying "F--k you, I'm a police officer!" and "I'll have all your jobs!"

Perry ran for his gun before police were able to apprehend him so they blocked him and pulled their tasers. Perry reportedly taunted them and dared them to tase him, which they did.

Atlanta Police Chief Georgia Turner issued a statement this week, saying that, "The Atlanta Police Department takes these allegations very seriously. Chief Turner has always prioritized officer accountability and professional behavior at all times. He will continue to take decisive action when necessary to hold his employees to the highest standard."

Perry was put on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. He has been with the Atlanta Police Department for 11 years and is an undercover officer with the fugitive unit.


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