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Trenton, NJ -- Last month, 51-year-old police officer Michael Roadside was suspended without pay after he crashed into a woman's car while he was drunk and offered to bribe her so she wouldn't report the accident.

The driver of the car, Kimberly Wilson, was horrified by her encounter with Roadside and declined the offer and called 911 instead. According to a statement that Wilson made to police, Roadside hit her vehicle while she was stopped at a stop sign. She said that he emerged from his car "disheveled," asking her not to call 911 and saying that he would give her $1,000 if she did not report the incident.

"I asked him if he was a police officer because he was a mess. His shirt was inside-out, his hair was disheveled, his belly and back were exposed," Wilson wrote in her report.

Troopers who eventually arrived on the scene gave similar descriptions, saying that, Roadside was "only partly dressed in uniform," and that his shirt "was unbuttoned and appeared to have vomit on it."

While he was speaking to Wilson, a beer cap and a loaded magazine fell out of his unbuttoned shirt and onto the ground, at which point she ordered him to his car so she could call 911.

"I yelled at him to get in his car right away because he was scaring me," Wilson wrote in her complaint.

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When other officers arrived on the scene, Roadside claimed that his speech was slurred because he recently had anesthesia during a surgery, but police found empty containers in his vehicle and noticed a strong smell of alcohol.

Responding officer Sgt. M. J. Durak wrote in his report that Roadside attempted to leave the scene, telling them that he would pay for the car. He then put his vehicle in reverse. Amazingly enough, Roadside was not shot and killed like so many other people would have been had they tried to drive away from a police officer.

“What’s going on here? I’m not drunk,” said Roadside, according to Durak's report. He was then told to put the vehicle in park and exit it.

When Roadside later took a breathalyzer test it was revealed that his blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit.

“What am I, about a one-eight?” asked Roadside before it was revealed that he just blew a .16. Roadside then admitted to drinking 9 beers that day and said, "I've been way more drunk than that."

He was charged with driving while intoxicated, careless driving, and having an open alcohol container in a vehicle, but he was quickly released on bail and has not yet entered a plea for these charges.

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