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Cassandra Rules

July 17, 2014

"I'm handcuffed because I'm jay walking?!"

In a video published to YouTube on July 16, two Vancouver Police are seen detaining an elderly man for jay walking after allegedly attacking him for refusing to give the officers his name.

A good Samaritan who knows his rights stopped to film and question these thugs, after jay walking himself across the empty street. Luckily, these officers only selectively enforce this petty law, and they already had someone to meaninglessly harass.

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"You attacked me!" the man declares.

"That's your opinion, but thats not what happened." responds the female officer while glancing back at the camera.

"Why did you attack me?" he demands again as the officer walks away.

Eventually they uncuff and release the man while making excuses for the unjustified detention.

It is possible that this person intervening prevented the situation from escalating. Had someone with a camera not approached the scene, you never know what could have happened next. Know your rights, and always film the police.>

If you are in British Colombia, check out this helpful guide from the BCCLA to make sure you are prepared.