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Despite the dozens of cameras pointed at them, St. Louis Police, dressed in full storm trooper gear, assaulted peaceful protesters and continued to pepper-spray independent journalists for filming it.


"Cops are killers. Cops are liars. Were doing this for Vonderrit Myers"

The massive police state was on display once again in St. Louis on Saturday evening, as demonstrators called for a very secretive direct action in the Shaw area- where questions remain unanswered in the killing of 18 year old VonDerrit Myers.

The evening began with a 7pm vigil at Mike Brown's murder site on Canfield, leading to a two mile march to Ferguson Police Department. The atmosphere was far less tense than what we have been seeing on the streets around Shaw in St. Louis the past few nights, despite the large crowd.

There was a four and a half minute sit in moment of silence, and a road blocking dance party.

Many expressed frustration with the "block party" atmosphere at the station and decided to call for people to return to the memorial on Shaw, where police and demonstrators have been intensely clashing ever since Myers' killing on Wednesday evening.

We arrived at the scene to find many streets blocked off with police checkpoints setup. The officers were asking for identification from those entering the area, including legal observers.

We were told there would be a direct action, but details were completely hush, even as the march began around 1 am, taking an entirely new route than the previous demonstrations. The vibe was much different Saturday evening, as we were directed to stay on the sidewalks until we reached the destination- a tactic commonly used to not provide reason to stop a march to a civil disobedience. A couple blocks before we arrived at the QT a SWAT vehicle and many cop cars suddenly appeared and raced ahead, in what we assume was an attempt to beat demonstrators to the destination, despite everyone being on the sidewalk and marching peacefully.

We still had no idea what the direct action was going to be as we marched towards the QT.

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Once we arrived, several people began to run into the parking lot and screams of "This is Ferguson" echoed through the crowd.

Demonstrators leading the march were very clear in stating, "no stealing, this is a PEACEFUL protest", loudly, and the entire group seemed to be on the same page. Despite the peaceful demeanor of the protesters, almost immediately the police swarmed in, lined up, and began banging their asps in unison; a move they have been doing nightly in an attempt to strike fear and likely to reinforce their own mob mentality in their small minds. Protesters gathered in front of the locked down Quick Trip and sat down at the entrance. Chaos quickly ensued, not because of any violence from the peaceful demonstrators- despite the Chief's bogus claims of rocks being thrown at these heavily protected officers, but because of the actions of these unpredictable police. The officers began to attack protesters, as well as independent media.

Jon Ziegler, better known as

.@Rebelutionary_Z Has Been PepperSprayed!

— (@stop1033) October 12, 2014

" target="_blank">Rebelutionary Z, the amazing streamer who has been providing much of the best footage from Ferguson since the beginning, was pepper sprayed (or maced) for a second time this week. He was also targeted on Thursday, the night myself and Jason Bassler of The Free Thought Project were also sprayed.

Like the rockstar he is, Jon live streamed himself being sprayed, and then continued streaming. He was not the only one.

After we managed to disperse we were met just a few blocks down by another line of riot police banging their asps.

Funny how they always seem to be the ones coming to riot and inflict violence, yet the peaceful demonstrators doing a sit in are the ones demonized in the media.

Makes you wonder, which came first, the riot, or the riot police?