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Denver, CO-- The family of Jessica Hernandez, who was fatally shot by two Denver Police officers early Monday morning is continuing to speak out about the incident that left their beautiful teen dead. This time it's coming from her mother, who explains that police shot her child 18 times- more bullets than years the teenager spent alive.

Jose Hernandez, Jessica’s father, has said that police initially told him that his daughter had been shot once, however, Denver’s medical examiner has confirmed that to be false.

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"They shot her 18 times, she could not rest at peace," Laura Rosales Hernandez, Jessie's mother stated with tears in her eyes.

The police department also originally claimed that the two officers fired at Hernandez after she struck an officer with the vehicle. However, witnesses who were in the car dispute their story and maintain that the vehicle hit the officer only after Hernandez had been shot and fell unconscious, causing her to lose control of the vehicle. The department has since stated that it is unclear if Hernandez had intentionally struck the officer and says that how the officer was injured is still part of the investigation. None of the five teenagers in the vehicle were armed.

"I was expecting the paramedics to take my daughter's body out with caution, but NO, they slammed her body to the floor and dragged her like garbage," her mother said in the interview.

The Denver Post is in possession of a video from the scene that reportedly shows officers searching Hernandez' limp and dying body as she bled out, moving her around like a rag doll. The video has not yet been released.

Laura Rosales Hernandez is now calling for a second, independent autopsy, citing that she does not trust the official investigation. She is also calling for the Department of Justice to conduct a civil rights investigation into her daughter's death.

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"We are aware of the DPD's history of conducting lengthy and fruitless investigations that serve only to exonerate its officers," the family wrote in a statement to the press. "We are dismayed that the DPD has already defended the actions of the officers and blamed our daughter for her own death, even while admitting they have very little information."

Hernandez' death has already caused two reviews of Denver Police Department policy for discharging firearms at moving vehicles. This marked the fourth time in seven months that a Denver police officer has fired at a vehicle claiming it was being used as a weapon.

"If you were to shoot at the driver you would have an unguided missile, basically," Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, told ABC7.

The out pouring of grief has also continued on Jessie's Facebook page, with one user posting a haunting screen shot, allegedly from around 10 hours before her death.

The caption reads, "This was our last conversion, 1.25.15. I messaged her because I was all up in my feelings over a dude, and she knew just what to say, like always. I swear this hurts so much"


Help her family cover the unexpected funeral costs here.

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