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A Tennessee man was arrested yesterday for trying to pick his special needs kids up from school. The school wanted the parents to sign a form to allow their children to walk home "unsupervised."

Naturally these parents questioned the safety of this new policy. They went to school and called the Sheriff's department to voice their concern over the new policy, when one of the officers begins his power trip.

At one point the father cites the law that allows for him to pick up his children when school is out. The officer then has the audacity to tell the father, "Yes, school is out you can pick up your child, but it doesn't say when, now, does it?" I'll be damned if some bureaucrat on a power trip is going to tell me when I can and cannot have access to my children.

Soon after the cop is made to look like the tyrant fool that he is, he does what all cops do when backed into a legal corner, arrests someone.

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