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Picayune, MS — Several years ago, the FBI began a program called Endangered Child Alert Program (ECAP) as a means of identifying unknown child rapists who appear in child sexual exploitation videos or imagery. The FBI, in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children work together to find and arrest these monsters who are apparently so brazen, they post their own sexual abuse of children on the internet.

ECAP uses images of the offenders' faces and/or distinguishing characteristics that are visible in child pornography images to identify these assailants. The images are posted on the ECAP website and the predators are identified and prosecuted.

For the last five months, the FBI has been seeking the public's assistance in obtaining identifying information on a John Doe, who appeared in a child sexual exploitation video. According to the FBI, the video was first recorded by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in February 2021. The EXIF data embedded within the video files indicated that the files were produced prior to November 2018.

According to the FBI, the John Doe was approximately a 30-40-year-old white male with light brown hair, who spoke English. The predator's picture was posted to the ECAP website and soon after, this sicko was positively identified. He was a sergeant in the Picayune Police Department.

Sgt. Joshua Stockstill was fired last week just after being taken into custody by federal agents in connection to the aforementioned sexual exploitation investigation, according to Police Chief Freddy Drennan.

According to Assistant Chief James Bolton, Stockstill did not turn himself in but he would not release any further details.

“Once we learned that there was an investigation going on, the police department cooperated 100% with the investigation fully,” said Drennan.

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According to authorities, the video in question involved Stockstill and an unknown child. No details about the level of abuse have been detailed, though sources say that at some point in the video he can be heard saying “9 years old.” However, we can assume that they were serious for Stockstill to be placed on the FBI's most wanted list.

The FBI also stated that Stockstill “may have critical information pertaining to the identity of a child victim in an ongoing sexual exploitation investigation.”

news release from NCMEC said:

“Every day, we analyze images of child sexual abuse with the hope of identifying a clue that will lead us to the location where a child is being abused. One of the most useful clues is when we find an adult face in the imagery. Law enforcement can make that information publicly available during their investigation.

"When Shelley’s team comes across CSAM with a visible face, like John Doe 44, they pass it along to the FBI’s Endangered Child Alert Program and to the Department of Homeland Security Investigations’ Operation Predator team. In some cases, law enforcement chooses to distribute the photo to the public with the hope that someone will recognize the individual.

“ . . . In the case of John Doe 44, the plan worked. Within hours of the FBI releasing his photo to the public, he was identified and arrested.”

As this video was made over three years ago, there very well could be other victims. The FBI is urging anyone with information about this investigation or any others can submit a tip online at, or call the FBI’s toll-free tip line at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324).