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Yes the question may seem shocking to some, but realize that this is not a call to violence in the least, only a rational discussion.

Self-defense is a natural right, stemmed from the root of all rights, self-ownership. When someone tries to hinder your ability to own yourself through brutal oppression and violence, it is not only your right, but your responsibility as a free individual to resist.

There is a huge difference between self-defense and proactive violence. Going off and shooting people who've done nothing to harm you is immoral, whether or not they are a cop, is irrelevant; unprovoked violence has no place in a just society.

Here at the Free Thought Project we abhor violence as a means to an ends, and advocate against it. Civil resistance is the means we advocate to bring about peaceful revolution. But to quote JFK, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." Which is why we are bringing up this question. 

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The following video is an adaptation of an essay written by Larken Rose and published to in 2011.

Even small factions of the state are beginning to realize this right to self-defense. In the video, Larken Rose mentions an old law in Indiana, but they have since come around and actually realized that it is okay for a person to protect themselves, regardless of the aggressor wearing a badge and uniform.

There is nothing wrong with asking these questions. Resistance is the means by which freedom is attained. To quote Frederick Douglas,

"Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will."

Here is a thought to ponder. Had Kelly Thomas fought back, or others stepped in to help him, he may still be alive today.