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Officer Terry Mahan of the Tallahassee Police Department is on paid leave and under investigation after tasing a 62 year old Viola Young in the back on Tuesday, causing her to fall face first onto the pavement.


The incident was captured on video by concerned residents.

Police had detained three people when Viola Young "approached the police car inquiring about one of the individuals arrested," according to the police statement.

"An officer advised her to stay back, and a second officer approached Young and attempted to place her under arrest," the report continuess

In the video we see an off kilter cop screaming at Young telling her that if she "gets involved she will be going in the back of the cop car", she begins walking away, as she was ordered to do. As she's walking away, Officer Mahan follows after and grabs her arm to detain her, for seemingly no reason.

Of course, Young should not have resisted, but when a police officer is trying to kidnap you for simply being at a location and asking questions, its easy to see why someone would attempt to walk away.

She barely makes it a couple steps before this officer shoots her in the back with his taser.

Young has been charged with resisting an officer.

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Tasers are meant for situations that are out of control. Could any reasonable person believe that this situation was out of control or that the officer was in any kind of danger? It seems like this officer was simply trying to punish Young, seeing as he could have easily restrained her.

If an officer is spitefully rough with a suspect, while using unreasonable force, a violation of their victim's civil rights has occurred.

Last week we reported on NYPD officers using a taser on a pregnant woman's belly.

In mid September, 17 year old Bryce Masters couldn't roll his malfunctioning car window down, so he was tased by police and is now suffering from brain damage.

In August, we reported on 24 year old Gregory Towns, who died after demented officers decided to use their tasers as cattle prods to force this exhausted man to walk.

Many believe tasers to be non lethal, but that is simply not the case. These weapons should not be used as haphazardly as we have been seeing.

According to Amnesty International, between 2001 and 2008, 351 people in the United States died from being shocked by police tasers. Electronic Villiage has documented another 212 taser-related deaths in the United States from 2009-2014. That means there have been at least 563 documented taser-related deaths in America since 2001. You can view the list here.

The tasering happens around the 2:30 mark.