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More details are emerging following the arrest of a Florida highway patrolman this week. Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Chad Corriveau was arrested, according to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, for sexual battery of a child between the months of November and December of 2016.

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Authorities were alerted to the incident when a relative of Corriveau's said she was told by the child that he kissed and had sex with her using a sex swing and sex devices.

Forensics were done on the child at Lake-Sumter Children's Advocacy Center to determine if the child had indeed been sexually molested and/or abused by someone. Following the investigation, Corriveau was arrested. And while the highway patrolman is innocent until proven guilty, the arrest comes amid the allegations of some of the worst forms of sexual abuse, an authority figure over a helpless child.

According to the arrest affidavit, the victim was shown pornography on the officer's phone during Thanksgiving of 2016. From there, the sexual activity progressed to include sex swings (whereby she was vaginally penetrated), and sex toys (a vibrator). The juvenile was also digitally penetrated allegedly by the officer who was sworn to protect the child, not hurt her.

She indicated in the affidavit that she was afraid of Corriveau and that he was quick tempered, so she offered no resistance to the trooper's advances. His own sexual needs, he claimed to the child, were not being met, so he attempted to gratify himself by engaging in Shades of Gray style fantasies with the juvenile.

Corriveau's superiors decided to arrest him and charge him with sexual battery under familial authority (domestic) and showing any obscene material to a minor (domestic).

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The Highway Patrol issued a statement:

The Florida Highway Patrol takes these matters very seriously and has placed the trooper on administrative leave pending the criminal investigation by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, a thorough administrative investigation is being conducted simultaneously regarding the allegations and the actions of the trooper, and appropriate disciplinary action will be immediately taken based on the outcome of the investigation.

While no police officer is perfect, immune from such abuses, society does expect the officer to be punished appropriately for his actions. However, all too often it seems, passes for bad behavior get extended to police officers even when they may be guilty of heinous crimes such as sexual crimes against children.

In Dallas, as TFTP reported, a school resource officer, Jacob Ryan Delgadillo, was given probation, even after he was accused of having sex with a middle school student. Not only did he not have to spend time in prison, he may be able to get his Texas law enforcement license back after he does his probation. Worse still, he will not have to register as a sex offender.

Vladamir Krull, an NYPD sergeant, was only given three years in prison for raping his stepdaughter. By contrast, a medical doctor from North Carolina was given 18 years in prison for being in possession of his mother's and father's medicines years after their passing.

The disparity in sentencing is appalling to many free thinkers who see the inequity when an officer of the law is sentenced for crimes against children and a doctor gets a sentence which is six times longer for hanging on to expired prescription drugs too long. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude cops are living up to a lower standard of behavior.

Corriveau may be able to get a pass as well, but TFTP will follow this case closely and bring you any important updates as the case proceeds through the court system.