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Fresno, Ca -- Two veteran police officers opened fire on a 40-year-old Fresno resident after he allegedly pulled a black water nozzle on them.

Freddy Centeno is hospitalized after undergoing surgery for multiple gunshot wounds.

According to Roger Centeno, the victim’s brother, Freddy is bipolar and schizophrenic and abused drugs. The family had been asking the city and county for help and were told “something needs to happen” before Freddy could get help.

“Is this what needs to happen?” asked Roger, referring to the shooting.

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The cops arrived after a resident of the neighborhood called 911. She reported that a man knocked on her door and said he was a federal agent, while pointing what appeared to be a gun at her. He asked for someone named George and whether there were drugs in the home, to which the resident replied no.

A short while later, two officers from the MAGEC (Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium) unit of the Fresno Police Department and an officer in a marked patrol car confronted Centeno, who was walking down the street and fit the caller’s description. According to Deputy Fresno Chief of Police Pat Farmer, Centeno refused to show hands and get on the ground, instead pulling out a “pistol-looking object.” The officers then fired multiple rounds and struck Centeno several times.

Police and the Fresno County’s District Attorney’s Officer are investigating the officer-involved shooting, which is the fourth this year in Fresno. Farmer said that both officers were wearing body cameras, and this footage “may” be released to the public.

Roger Centeno questions the actions of the officers. All too often, cops resort immediately to their firearms when other courses of action can be taken to avoid injury or the loss of life.

This particular case of a misidentified water nozzle occurred in broad daylight. We have reported on multiple cases where suspects were holding various objects that prompted cops to shoot to kill, such as Dennis Grigsby, who was killed for holding a spoon.