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The act of pressing out those three numbers, 9-1-1, on your telephone is a crapshoot. So many tragic stories begin with an innocent person picking up the phone in need of help and when the "help" arrives, it kills their dog, or worse, a family member.

The fact is that it takes cops on average 10 minutes to respond to your call for help. If this is a break-in or an act of violence in progress, chances are that they will not arrive until after the incident.

People must begin to free themselves of their dependency upon the false notion of 9-1-1. Buy a gun, defend yourself and your family, the gun will not take 10 minutes to arrive, it will not be belligerent, and it will not escalate violence to the point of brutality, or death.

Below is an example of what happens when you rely on a group of people, out for their own self-preservation, to "protect and serve" you.

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According to KATC - An investigation is underway after a Crowley dog was shot by police, after they responded to a call about a burglary in progress. It happened Thursday night, around 10:30 p.m. in the 100 block of Blue Bonnet Drive. The homeowner says she called police after hearing what she thought sounded like glass breaking in another room. She says she locked herself in the bedroom, told police she thought a burglar was in the home, and warned them about her dog who would be outside.

The homeowner says Max is a 3-year-old Chocolate Lab, and she told dispatchers that he wouldn't bite and was friendly. She was still on the phone with the dispatcher when she heard a gunshot. The dispatcher told her it was safe to go meet police, and that's when she says she saw that her dog was bleeding.

The officer reports the dog was aggressive, and he was shot as a result. The homeowner says the officer told her that Max attacked him, but she says the neighbor reported a different story. The neighbor allegedly said Max did bark, but he didn't lunge at the officer.