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Cape Town - An incident of alleged police brutality in Cape Town, which was filmed by a member of the public, is being investigated by Western Cape police.

The footage was posted on Facebook by Nicole Speelman on Thursday.

She had filmed the incident from her office in Cape Town. In the footage, two uniformed police officers are seen punching and kicking a naked man. Security personnel are also seen holding the man's arms. Bystanders are seen walking past and stopping to observe.

Speelman also stated in a Facebook post that she yelled at police from her office window, and a policeman came up to her office to arrest her for screaming at the police.

She added that she and her colleagues asked the policeman why he and his colleagues had beaten the man. "..He said he was just trying to get him in the van and he arrested my colleague for police interference and the charges was later dropped".

The DA has condemned the "vicious attack".

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Dianne Kohler Barnard for the DA said: "What was even more disturbing is that police aggressively manhandled, pushed, choked, punched and kicked him repeatedly."

She said people living in South Africa are tired in living in fear of both criminals and a handful of thuggish police officers.

Western Cape police spokesperson November Filander told eNCA that police were assessing the footage, According to news24.

This further illustrates the point that the problem of police brutality is hardly isolated to Americans. The institution itself is what creates this unaccountable violent behemoth.

No matter how many bad apples are caught and removed, the institution remains as an unaccountable, unlimited funded monopoly, hell bent on self-preservation and expansion.

For a great explanation of why we find ourselves in this predicament, watch the video below from the founder of, Pete Eyre.